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Tuesday Tailgate

A weekly series examining different tailgate locations across campus.

Tuesday Tailgate: (10) Yellow Jacket Alley

Our Tuesday Tailgate series comes to a close today as we look at the most exciting tailgating spot on the entire campus.

Tuesday (/Wednesday?) Tailgate: (9) Techwood Drive

This week's Wednesday edition of Tuesday Tailgate comes to you from a very high-profile spot that serves only the most serious of Tech fans.

Tuesday Tailgate: (8) Peters Parking Deck

This week's Tuesday Tailgate comes to you from a very central location on campus where folks of all kinds come to gather to celebrate their pregame rituals.

Tuesday Tailgate: (7) The Greek Sector

This week's Tuesday Tailgate covers the most popular spot on campus if you're going by straight-up numbers.

Tuesday Tailgate: (6) Russ Chandler Stadium Lawn

Today's football tailgating spot is all about baseball...because that makes sense.

Tuesday Tailgate: (5) Center Campus

Today's tailgate spot is a relatively new one on the radar, but is quickly becoming populated.

Tuesday Tailgate: (4) Tech Tower Lawn

Today's tailgating location is as far away from hoopla as one can be when only a stone's throw from the stadium.

Tuesday Tailgate: (3) Nanotech Parking Lot

Today's tailgating location is a little less populated, but can produce a really great time.

Tuesday Tailgate: (2) Fifth Street Bridge

Today's tailgating location is a very central area filled with young alumni. Eight more Tuesdays until toe meets leather!

Tuesday Tailgate: (1) The IC Lawn

Today, we introduce a new series, wherein each Tuesday we will examine prime tailgating locations across campus as we move closer to football season. After today, we only have 9 more Tuesdays until toe meets leather!