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The Binion Index

The Binion Index rates each FBS team to provide a rating that projects a point differential against an average FBS team. The preseason rating uses historical play by play data, measuring EPA/play, Success Rate Margin, and Yards per Play margin to evaluate recent team strength. It combines that data with the 247 Team Talent Index and Bill Connelly’s returning production calculations. During the season, the model updates with current play by play data, again measuring using play by play data EPA/play, Success Rate Margin, and Yards per Play margin. Each week, the season to date data plays an increasingly large role in the model, with the preseason rating decreasing accordingly. Starting in week 3, a scheduling adjustment will be added for each team.

The Binion Index Week 2

The model’s off to a strong start, and we introduce schedule adjustments this week

Debuting The Binion Index

Here at FTRS, we’ll be updating a brand new college football rating system each week