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The Binion Index

The Binion Index rates each FBS team to provide a rating that projects a point differential against an average FBS team. The preseason rating uses historical play by play data, measuring EPA/play, Success Rate Margin, and Yards per Play margin to evaluate recent team strength. It combines that data with the 247 Team Talent Index and Bill Connelly’s returning production calculations. During the season, the model updates with current play by play data, again measuring using play by play data EPA/play, Success Rate Margin, and Yards per Play margin. Each week, the season to date data plays an increasingly large role in the model, with the preseason rating decreasing accordingly. Starting in week 3, a scheduling adjustment will be added for each team.

The Binion Index Week 14: Final Regular Season Ratings and Bowl Predictions

Championship weekend was a blast, the bowls are set, and our model has had a solid first year

The Binion Index Week 13

The regular season is over: UGA ran away from the pack, and GT sits in the doldrums. Bonus: Conference Championship Predictions!

The Binion Index Week 12

It’s COFH week, and all signs point to a historical beatdown for our Jackets

The Binion Index Week 11

From the FTRS perspective, two big takeaways this week: GT falls like a rock. Georgia is perfect, and it’s killing me.

The Binion Index Week 10

The model and the CFP Committee don’t see eye to eye, and the Bindex officially gives GT a 0% chance in COFH!

The Binion Index Week 9

Georgia races further out in front, and the top 4 looks pretty clear on the eve of the first CFP rankings

The Binion Index Week 8

Cincy survives as the sole G5 contender, a couple of pretenders fade, and a top 4 battle awaits us in the Cocktail Party this weekend

The Binion Index Week 7

It’s the year for the G5 to make the playoff

The Binion Index Week 6

UGA takes command, Top Ten Coastal, and Top 50 GT

The Binion Index Week 5

‘Bama and UGA further separate themselves while GT falls hard

The Binion Index Week 4

The top two separate themselves, and GT cracks the top 40.

The Binion Index Week 3

Good news for GT fans: The Jackets crack the top 50! Bad news for GT fans: UGA is a solid #2

The Binion Index Week 2

The model’s off to a strong start, and we introduce schedule adjustments this week

Debuting The Binion Index

Here at FTRS, we’ll be updating a brand new college football rating system each week