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About FTRS

From the Rumble Seat originated in 2008 under the moniker The LegacyX4. Winfield Featherston was the lone contributor at the time and was a 4th generation Tech legacy so the name made sense. In July of 2009, The LegacyX4 transitioned to SBNation and we've since added multiple contributors.

The term "rumble seat" refers to the rear exterior seat in late 1920's to early 1930's automobiles. The Ramblin' Reck, Georgia Tech's 1930 Ford Model A mascot, has a rumble seat. Winfield and Bird are both former Ramblin' Reck Drivers so blogging "from the rumble seat" wasn't so much a pun as it was a fact.

In June 2012, Winfield took a new job, leaving little time for blogging, and passed on ownership of the blog to Joey and Nate. In the time since, the blog has been fortunate to have developed a relationship with folks in Georgia Tech's Sports Information Department, and has covered football, basketball, and baseball games from the press box.

Have a question or comment? Send it to fromtherumbleseat [at] gmail [dot] com, and follow us on Twitter: @FTRSBlog!