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Over/Unders 2014

FTRS Over/Unders Season Results

Many of you stuck with the Over/Unders all through the season -- it's now time to see who was the best.

FTRS Over/Unders - 2014 Orange Bowl

Can the Jackets get the job done on South Beach?

FTRS Over/Unders: ACC Championship 2014

What, you thought we were done after the regular season? Not a chance.

FTRS Over/Unders - Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate 2014

The regular season comes to a close for our over/unders, and it involves some people limping towards the finish line after a strange Clemson game...

FTRS Over/Unders - Clemson

Georgia Tech hosts rival Clemson on Senior Day. Can the Jackets end ACC play on a high note?

FTRS Over/Unders - NC State 2014

Can the Jackets keep their momentum rolling in Raleigh with a matchup against Clemson on the horizon?

FTRS Over/Unders - UVA 2014

We're finally getting caught up on results, and making some more picks in this week's over/unders -- Homecoming edition!

FTRS Over/Unders - Pittsburgh 2014

Jackets fans are seemingly very nervous about the trip to Pittsburgh, given their team's two recent losses.

FTRS Over/Unders - UNC 2014

Can the Jackets turn their luck and come away with a win in Chapel Hill?

FTRS Over/Unders - Duke 2014

In which I'm trying to do better this week when it comes to setting lines.

FTRS Over/Unders: Miami 2014

After a week off, we're back with more over/under picks for this week's game!

FTRS Weekend Selections & Over/Under Leaderboards

It's been a few weeks now that we've been unable to provide you with a proper leaderboard, so as promised, here's an up-to-date, accurately-calculated one.

Georgia Tech Football: Tulane Game Over/Unders

America's favorite game show makes its triumphant return after a week where pessimism was your best friend.

Georgia Tech Football: Wofford Game Over/Unders

Because football isn't officially back until you're picking against arbitrary prop lines for FBS/FCS games.