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Over/Unders 2013

Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech Over/Unders

We're catching up on the last couple of games, and getting you set up for the opening of ACC play with this week's Over/Unders.

FTRS Over/Unders -- 2014 Season Edition

One of the community's favorite features from last year makes its return, this time looking at the season as a whole!

GT Football: Over/Unders Regular Season Wrapup

It's been a fun season to date, filled with all sorts of crazy twists and turns. Let's look back at the season that was.

Over/Under Accountability: Clemson, A&M, georgia

So it's probably time to figure out who the regular season winner around here is, right?

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs uga

It's a quick version this week as everyone clears out for Thanksgiving.

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs. Alabama A&M

Featuring a celebrity guest picker! Okay, local celebrity. Okay, it's just some guy on Twitter who volunteered.

Georgia Tech Football: O/U Accountability vs Pitt

Pittsburgh was a very forgiving game for most of us, and strangely a complete disaster for a couple.

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs Pittsburgh

Just like the week following the BYU blunder, we're killing two stones with one bird this week!

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders at Virginia

Are we going to make it two straight weeks of success on all fronts?

Over/Under Accountability vs Syracuse

I'd venture to say that things didn't really go how we expected them to against Syracuse, but I'd also venture to say that nobody here is upset about that.

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs Syracuse

After three straight losses, your optimism is being put to the test this weekend.

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders at BYU

It's time to buck the trends, Tech fans!

Over/Under Accountability at Miami

This week, your pessimism helped out a lot!

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders @ Miami

Last week was rough. It's time to redeem yourself.

Georgia Tech - VPI Over/Under Accountability

Just when you thought the bloodbath was over, it's about to get a little worse.

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs VPISU

It's a short week, so it's time to get a jump start on our weekly over/under picks!

Georgia Tech - UNC Over/Under Accountability

This week was filled with redemption and overall good scores! I'll try harder next time...

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs UNC

It's once again the moment of truth, Tech fans...

Georgia Tech - Duke Over/Under Accountability

This week's lines were a little more predictable than last week's...for some readers, anyways.

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs. Duke

Saturday is Game 2, meaning an opportunity for redemption for a few folks around here...

Bye Week Over/Unders

We're not going to let the lack of a game stop us, are we?

Georgia Tech - Elon Over/Under Accountability

Prior to our game against Elon, we took our picks on what would happen during the course of the game. Now it's time to see who was right, and who was wrong.

Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs Elon

This season we'll be doing Over/Under bets for different stats in each game.