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Other Summer News

Newbies to Watch For: DE Kenderius Whitehead

A preview of what to expect from one of Ted Roof's newest weapons up front.

Technical Tidbits 8/4

In which we play Dance Dance Revolution with Shamire Devine and catch up with Vad Lee.

Football: Roddy Jones Departing Radio Booth

After a season of color commentary on the radio for his alma mater, Jones will be joining a TV broadcasting team this fall.

Featured Fanshot

Justin Thomas & D.J. White to Represent Georgia Tech at ACC Kickoff

Two leaders with plenty of seniority will be taking photos and answering questions at the ACC Kickoff, beginning Sunday, July 19!

Featured Fanshot

Georgia Tech #2 in Bill C's ACC Power Rankings

The Yellow Jackets are considered one of the "Tier 1" ACC teams, alongside Florida State, Clemson, and Louisville. The Coastal Division's other teams make up the entirety of Tier 2, and almost the entirety of Tier 3. It looks like this could be another "ACC Wheel of Destiny" type of season!

Examining the 2014 Georgia Tech Defense

Georgia Tech enjoyed an amazing 2014 year, but was the defense lucky or good?