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Opinion Week 2014

A few members of the FTRS staff got together and spent a week talking about their thoughts and feelings about Georgia Tech Athletics as they currently stand.

Opinion Week Rewind: Every Game Was Winnable

It was an optimistic look ahead, but turned out to be an appropriate one.

Opinion Week: Benefits of Minor League Football

Opinion Week comes to a close today with a look at the landscape of college football, and how it affects Georgia Tech.

Opinion Week: Justin Thomas will Be Starting QB

With a QB competition in full bloom, I'm here to tell you that Justin Thomas is going to win.

Opinion Week: Mediocrity is a Vice

.500 is a soft landing pad built out of "meh," but it has become too comfortable a place.

Opinion Week: Paul Johnson - Underrated Recruiter

We all know how much heat Paul Johnson takes for his recruiting at Tech, but he is actually one of the most accomplished recruiters anywhere right now. Check out my opinion on why we don't give Paul Johnson enough credit for his recruiting.

Opinions: Zach Laskey Will Be a 1000-Yard Rusher

Who doesn't love opinions?

Opinion Week: Football Capable of Winning All 12

Opinion Week continues with a look at this fall's schedule, and what could be.

Opinion Week: Fixing College Athletics in Georgia

Opinion week (and the 100 Days to Kickoff series) gets going with a look at the state of college athletics in Georgia, and the causes of how we got here.