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NCAA Football

2021 FTRS Picks, Week 1: Pretending everything is back to normal

Because what is college football without a lot of pretending?

Scions E77: Realigning the Aligners

Part two of the two parter!

Scions E55: Rubber, Meet Road

The thick of the spring sports season is upon us

2020 FTRS Picks Final Standings

At long last

FTRS Picks, Week 14: Kings and vagabonds

Let’s crown some champions and watch some makeup games

FTRS Picks, Week 13: We’re still here

And we’re finally going to pay respects to the troops

FTRS Picks, Week 12: Winter is coming

But the football is staying

FTRS Picks, Week 11: Hate week (is totally cancelled)

All other events are pending

FTRS Picks: Taking a bye

We all need a break

FTRS Picks, Week 10: Nothing to see here

My world’s on fire, how about yours?

FTRS Picks, Week 9: Let’s all go to Jacksonville, right now!

Also, PAC’s back, baby

FTRS Picks, Week 8: It’s time to get spoooooooky

And we’re not talking about whatever Georgia Tech is currently calling a defense

FTRS Picks, Week 7: Enter the B1G

Time to welcome back all those weird and wacky trophies

FTRS Picks, Week 6: Liberty is favored?

Is Syracuse going to make Tech look even worse? Yeah, probably

FTRS Picks, Week 5: Shootouts are socially distanced

Just remember to sanitize your firearms

FTRS Picks, Week 4: “It just means more” edition

The SEC is back and we’re pretending it’s all very important

FTRS Picks, Week 3: This is fine

Keep your fingers crossed and every body part clenched

FTRS Picks, Week 2: Hurry up and get in here, SEC

The most dire week 2 in college football history

2020 FTRS Picks, Week 1: You can stop pinching yourself, it’s real

College football is back* baby. Awoooo

FTRS Picks: Your 2019 winners are......

FTRS Picks Championship Week Edition

The end is here

FTRS Picks, Week 14: Enough hate to last a week

It’s like the Hannukah of Hate

FTRS Picks, Week 13: SEC-SoCon challenge week!

Hold your loved ones close, it’s almost over

FTRS Picks, Week 12: The Techmo Bowl is back!

One of the teams has been severely nerfed, though

FTRS Picks, Week 11: The Game of the Century (of the Week of the Year)

It only happens once in a season, folks

FTRS Picks, Week 10: The biggest day of the year in Jacksonville

Get your wins in now, for the committee awaits

FTRS Picks, Week 9: Return of the world’s biggest Tiger fight

And guess what, Michigan’s back!

FTRS Picks, Week 8: Michigan, again

Not the last we’ll see of them, either!

FTRS Picks, Week 7: Showdown at Big Tex’s Corral

Also: Wake Forest...... ranked!

FTRS Picks, Week 6: It’s starting to get spoooooky

Not for the top 25, but for you, the viewer

FTRS Picks, Week 5: You didn’t want a slate of Pac-12 action but that’s what you’re getting

It will be interesting if nothing else

FTRS Picks, Week 4: How did Georgia get back-to-back home games with Notre Dame, anyway?

Plus: Conference games, of actual import!