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Monday Mailbag

Questions from the readers, answered by the writing staff of FTRS!

FTRS Roundtable 10/1: Re-Calibrating Expectations

We're back again, answering YOUR questions! (Or at least doing the best we can.)

Mailbag 9/1

It's our last mailbag for a while.

Mailbag 9/1 Questions

Guys, it's almost here!

Mailbag 8/25

In which we talk about the swimming and diving team, because football isn't a thing apparently.

Mailbag 8/25 Questions

Guys, football starts next week!

Mailbag 8/18

In which we take a look at the depth chart.

Mailbag 8/18 Questions

School has started and that means one thing: football is almost here!

Mailbag 8/11

In which we're talking about the ongoing #GTCAMP15 and presidential candidate boxing match-ups.

Mailbag 8/11 Questions

Do your worst.

Mailbag 8/4

In which goldfella asks a ton of questions (and that's fine).

Mailbag 8/4 Questions

We are soooo close

Mailbag 7/28

In which we're doing a FULL-ON SWOT #ANALYSIS.

Mailbag 7/28 Questions

And here we go.

Mailbag 7/21

In which we talk money and surprise players.

Mailbag 7/21 Questions

It's that time of the week again.

Mailbag 7/14

In which we examine the homer-ism of the AJC and our fearless leader's #drunj-ness

Mailbag 7/14 Questions

Ask some questions!

Mailbag 7/7

In which we discuss the HUNH.

Mailbag 7/7 Questions

Don't worry, I'll hopefully be able to answer these this week.

Mailbag 6/30

In which Joey is outed for not knowing people, and we're rating ourselves between "complete panic" and "getting championship tattoos".

Mailbag 6/30 Questions

It's that time of the week again.

Mailbag 6/23

In which I re-live some exciting memories.

Mailbag 6/23 Questions

We change things up this week.

Mailbag 6/16

In which we look at upset fans and funny faces.

Mailbag 6/16 Questions

Ask away!

Mailbag 6/9

Rivals revisited and some interesting matchups.

Mailbag 6/9 Questions

Good grief the season needs to get started!

Mailbag 6/2

In which we talk uniforms and professional help organizations.

Mailbag 6/2 Questions

It's mail time!

Mailbag 5/26

In which we talk about wedding gifts.

Mailbag 5/26 Questions

By the time this mailbag gets posted, we will officially have 100 days until kickoff!

Mailbag 5/19

In which we talk about mascots and physics.