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TT 2/18: In Which Buck Farmer Strikes Us All Out

Today's tidbits cover DUI, College baseball, and the clearly non-deterministic world of college basketball.

TT 2/14: In Which Baseball Is Upon Us

Today's tidbits cover college baseball, the exciting world of NCAA rules, and a certain actuarial nightmare.

TT 2/13: In Which we all Commit to Nebraska

Today's tidbits cover TV tomfoolery, recruiting boobies, and toomer's corner.

TT 2/12: In Which the Media Sucks

Today's tidbits cover sensationalism, ACC on TV, and viral videos.

TT 2/11: In Which We Are All Mark Bradley II

Today's tidbits feature Nate going off the deep end, ACC recruiting analysis, and good football news.

TT 2/8/: In Which Nate Arises From the Dead

I briefly went into an NSD-induced coma that I'm just now coming out of, so let's have some news shall we?

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1/30 Football Media Availability Audio

After a myriad of technical issues, the audio from today's football media blitz is up. The other writers only beat Nate to the punch by 5.5 hours.

TT 1/25: In Which Teddy Bridgewater is Law

Today's Tidbits cover Beesball, NCAA schadenfreude, and celebrity worship gone too far.

TT 01/24: In Which The NCAA Kills Itself

Today's tidbits traverse technicalities, Tri-Cities, and Transfers.

TT 01/23: In Which LSU is Creepy

Today's tidbits cover recruiting corvettes, receivers, and beer.

TT 01/22: In Which We BUST A CAP in Miami

Today's Tidbits cover falcons, commitment issues, and Lane's Kiffin.

TT 1/21: In Which The Revolution Was Not Televised

Today's tidbits cover NCAA libertarianism, inept attorneys general, and a serious misnomer.

Photos and Wrap-Up from AD Bobinski's Introduction

GTNate and Joey were at Mike Bobinski's introduction to the world, and we've got audio AND visual evidence to prove it! We've also got the answers to your questions! Neat!

Live Stream of the Bobinski Press Conference

As Georgia Tech introduces new AD Mike Bobinski from the Edge center this morning at 10, Nate and Joey are there to cover all the action and ask your questions!

TT 1/17: Showdown at the UTEP Corral

Today's tidbits cover outrageous spending, flightless coaches going to high-flying teams, and football fights.

TT 1/16: In Which I Wish CPJ Was a Lumberjack

Today's terse tidbits cover Tebow, top tens, and Thomas.

TT 1/15: In Which Duke is Going Down

The tidbits today cover how to beat duke, fancy new buildings on campus, shriners, and more.

Isaiah Johnson will miss Sun Bowl

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets safety Isaiah Johnson will miss the Sun Bowl because of an injury. Who will the Yellow Jackets use to replace their leading tackler?

Thursday Morning Linkage

Get caught up on the talk of the town!

Perspectives: Notre Dame to the ACC

FTRS writers weigh in on the addition of Notre Dame to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Week 2 BlogPoll Draft

Week 2 BlogPoll features a redesigned bottom 7, brought on by very inconsistent play, and does not feature Arkansas. Shocker!

The Dawn of a New Age

A new age is coming. This is our first step.

Weekend Wrapup Headlines

Weekend CFB Headlines

Week 1 BlogPoll: Mercy is not Shown