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Honoring the Seniors 2014

Football: Honoring the 2014 Senior Class

We've looked at the graduated seniors and their accomplishments individually, but let's talk about what they accomplished as a group.

Honoring the Seniors: Everyone Else

Today we honor everybody else who didn't get the same opportunity to showcase talents but still gave their efforts and determination on the Flats.

Honoring the Seniors: A-Back Tony Zenon

Today we'll pay homage to one of the better role player's in this season's success story, A-Back Tony Zenon.

Honoring the Seniors: WR Darren Waller

He's a guy with which I've had issues until this season.

Honoring the Seniors: WR DeAndre Smelter

Today, we take a look at a player whose career was fairly short on the football field but showcased plenty of memorable moments at Bobby Dodd and Russ Chandler Stadium.

Honoring the Seniors: A-Back Charles Perkins

We continue to honor Georgia Tech's graduating seniors with a look at a career that was limited by injuries, but finished very strong.

Honoring the Seniors: LB Quayshawn Nealy

Today, we take a look at the leader of the 2014 Georgia Tech defense and one of the top-performing linebackers in school history.

Honoring the Seniors: OL Shaq Mason

Today, we take a look at a former two-star recruit who probably didn't amount to much.

Honoring the Seniors: S Isaiah Johnson

Our "Honoring the Seniors" series continues with a look at one of the highest-performing defensive backs in Georgia Tech history.

Honoring the Seniors: B-Back Zach Laskey

We continue to honor Georgia Tech's graduated seniors with a look at the second half of "Ebony & Ivory", also known as the "White Stallion".

Honoring the Seniors: A-Back Deon Hill

Our "Honoring the Seniors" series continues with a look at one of the toughest guys on the team, in more ways than you'd realize.

Honoring the Seniors: DT Shawn Green

Today, we take a look that didn't have opportunity to make a difference until this year.

Honoring the Seniors: Synjyn Days

Synjyn Days has had a career laden with position changes, but one thing has been constant: his positive, team-first attitude.

Honoring the Seniors: A-Back BJ Bostic

We're starting a new series today honoring the seniors, and we're going to start with AB BJ Bostic.