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Georgia Tech Traditions

This stream has:

Burdell’s Building Bracket

Which building is the best?

Homecoming, Before the Football

A veritable triathlon of engineering, physical prowess, and ingenuity.

Featured Fanshot

Awesome LED Graduation Cap at Georgia Tech

Again not that we need to prove that Tech students are not only smart as hell but creative and crazy.

Georgia Tech Homecoming 2014: Schedule of Events

We'll take a break from the sports for a second to talk about other neat things happening this weekend.

Georgia Tech Football: VPISU Game is a WHITEOUT

Per the Athletics department and SGA, fans are being directed to wear white to Thursday night's matchup with division rival Virginia Tech.

Saturday is Georgia Tech Fan Day!

Saturday is the one day per year that you can ask for autographs from players and coaches, and they aren't allowed to say no.

Featured Fanshot

Neat Photo Essay of Sideways the Dog

The AJC reprised some of their old photos of sideways for a really cool Tech history lesson.

Rumble Seat Hangout

FTRS is looking to discuss GT sports on Google Hangout. Help us with our discussion.

FTRS Q&A Special: History Lesson

We asked reader Vespula, a basketball-obsessed Jacket since her days as a student in the 70s, to compare the current beesketball team to the ones of yore and give us some perspective. Bone up on your history, or you're doomed to repeat it.

A Dark Cloud Approaches: It's Finals Week at Tech

This week is going to be pretty quiet from my side of things.

FTRS Readers, We Need to Talk

Something has come to light in the last few weeks, and I feel it's time that we had a nice discussion about it.

Bobby Dodd Statue Unveiled

On Friday afternoon, a statue honoring Coach Bobby Dodd was unveiled outside of the stadium named for him. The story and pictures are here!

WELCOME BACK TO COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Thursday Night Games Opening Thread

The Yellow Jackets aren't playing tonight, but does that really mean you aren't watching college football?

Public Service Announcement

Friday Music - Mumford & Sons

Friday Music - The Allman Brothers Band

Friday Music - Downloads

Progressive Tailgate Locations as Campus gets Prettier

Where to tailgate at Tech?

Friday Music - Norah Jones

Friday Music - The Boss (updated to add another video)

Friday Music - Mavis Staples & Bonnie Raitt

Atlanta's Red Bull Soapbox Derby Will Have A Georgia Tech Flair To It

Friday Music - Doc Watson

Friday Night Music - The Civil Wars

Friday Night Music - Bob Marley

Friday Night Music - Arcade Fire

M stands for Monday, Morning, and Mustache: A New FTRS Feature

Our Mustache of the Week is a legendary NFL figure.

Not a good day for the DWAGS...

It's been a little too long without some hate. Welcome to the weekend.

Going Back To 1970: The Ramblin' Reck Travels To El Paso

The Ramblin Reck Traveled To El Paso For The Last Sun Bowl. We recollected with the Driver at the time.

Georgia Tech's Labor of Hercules: the Mini 500 Homecoming Event

Georgia Tech's Labor of Hercules: the Mini 500 Homecoming Event

What Happened At Tech Tower?! Did Someone Steal The T's?!

Georgia Tech Mascot Buzz Finally Comes Back To The Capital One Mascot Challenge