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Georgia Tech Football: Early Signing Day 2022

Welcome to the team everyone!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 26 Georgia Tech at Georgia Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy early signing day to you all! As Georgia Tech announces players who have submitted their letters of intent, I will update this post.

As it is, here is where Georgia Tech’s recruiting class stands.

Georgia Tech 2023 Recruiting Class

Name Position Rivals 247 Sports Composite Signed
Name Position Rivals 247 Sports Composite Signed
Ethan Mackenny OL 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8642) Yes
Anthony Little DE 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8583) No
Justyn Reid TE 2-star (5.4) 3-star (0.8336) No
Zion Taylor WR 3-star (5.6) 3-star (0.8622) Yes
Elias Cloy OL 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8500) Yes
Ashton Heflin LB 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8417) Yes
Patrick Screws OL 3-star (5.7) 3-star (0.8653) Yes
Justyn Reid TE 2-star (5.4) 3-star (0.8336) No
Jacob Cruz ATH 3-star (5.6) 3-star (0.8664) Yes
Benjamin Galloway OL 3-star (5.6) 3-star (0.8664) Yes
Gabriel Fortson OL 3-star (5.7) 3-star (0.8728) Yes
Bryce Dopson WR 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8544) Yes
Nico Dowdell DB 2-star (5.4) 3-star (0.8553) Yes
Shymeik Jones DE 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8700) Yes
Nacari Ashley LB 3-star (5.5) Unrated Yes
Ezra Odinjor DE 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8578) Yes
Evan Dickens RB 3-star (5.6) 3-star (0.8428) Yes
Steven Jones CB 2-star (5.4) Unrated Yes
Taye Seymore S 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8570) Yes
Byrston Dixon DL 2-star (5.4) 3-star (0.8437) Yes
Eric Singleton WR 2-star (5.4) 3-star (0.8619) Yes
Malcolm Pugh DL Unrated Unrated Yes
Jackson Long TE N/A No transfer rating Yes
Chase Lane WR N/A 3-star (0.8700) Yes
Braelen Oliver LB N/A No transfer rating Yes
Haynes King QB N/A 3-star (0.8500) Yes
Trevion Cooley RB N/A No transfer rating Yes
Andre White LB N/A 3-star (0.8600) Yes

There are also a few more projections in DL Bryston Dixon and WR Eric Singleton Jr.

Letters of Intent

QB Haynes King
OL Elias Cloy
TE Jackson Long
WR Bryce Dopson
RB Evan Dickens
OL Ethan Mackenny
WR Chase Lane
LB Ashton Heflin
DL Ezra Odinjor
OL Gabe Fortson
OL Patrick Screws, Jr.
RB Trevion Cooley
DB Steven Jones
Safety Taye Seymore
LB Braelen Oliver
OL Ben Galloway
WR Zion Taylor
LB Jacob Cruz
Safety Nico Dowdell
LB Andre White
DL Bryston Dixon
DL Malcolm Pugh
DL Shymeik Jones
LB Nacari Ashley
WR Eric Singleton

Wrapping Up

Georgia Tech has issued a press release with the full list of signees, which you can find in the link below.

Of this group, there are set to be 10 January enrollees: OL Elias Cloy, RB Trevion Cooley, RB Evan Dickens, OL Gabe Fortson, DL Shymeik Jones, QB Haynes King, TE Jackson Long, LB Braeden Oliver, WR Zion Taylor, and LB Andre White.

Of note, DL Anthony Little and TE Justyn Reid were the only committed players to not send in a letter of intent. The early signing period is open through Friday.

What are your initial impressions of the signing class?

Update 12/21 3:40

Georgia Tech had one more LOI come in with WR Eric Singleton committing to the Yellow Jackets!