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Georgia Tech Recruiting: 2019 Signing Class Film Review - Interior Defensive Line

A small review for the big boys up front.

NCAA Football: Miami at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

With Geoff Collins’ new coaching staff, the defensive staff in particular is laid out a bit differently in terms of position coaches. Traditionally, teams will have one coach over the entire defensive line. Collins wanted something a little bit differently. Initially, Collins brought Jim Panagos on as the defensive line coach and Larry Knight was brought in to coach defensive ends and outside linebackers.

Following Panagos’ departure to Minnesota, the Jackets quickly hired Marco Coleman to coach the defensive ends and outside linebackers, allowing Knight to move to the defensive line. With Coleman coaching the edge players, it’s fair to assume that Knight will primarily be coaching the interior defensive line. For that reason, we’re breaking up our film reviews in the same way, meaning I won’t be covering the entire defensive line, just interior defensive line.

In this recruiting class, Tech was able to bring in exactly one interior defensive line: defensive tackle Jamal Camp, brother of receiver (and possible future tight end) Jalen Camp.

Jamal Camp (6-2, 275)

Camp did not have any senior year film available, so we’ll review his junior film instead.

Watching his film, Camp seems a step slow on his first step, but on a few of those plays that seems to be by design. There is a lot to like here. Camp used two primary moves in most of his highlights: a standard bull rush and a swim move. When he wasn’t being double-teamed, Camp did a good job showing off his strength with his bull rush. There were a couple times he just pushed the offensive lineman back into the quarterback to disrupt the play. Camp was also good about getting his hands up to tip passes when he couldn’t get to he quarterback. He uses it less often, but Camp’s swim move was pretty solid too.

Coming into this year, Camp probably won’t see a whole lot of time. He’ll benefit a lot from getting into Tech’s S&C program and building up strength to take on college-level offensive linemen, but he should develop into a very solid defensive tackle for the Yellow Jackets.