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Georgia Tech Football: Meet the Recruits - LB Emanuel Bridges

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Today, we look at the young Newnan linebacker.

Georgia Tech Athletics

As a Recruit

Coming out of Newnan High School, Bridges was rated as a three-star recruit by both Rivals (5.7) and the 247Sports Composite (0.8634).

Bridges committed to Tech on August 6, 2015, over other reported offers from Alabama, Cincinnati, Clemson, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Ole Miss, Nebraska, NC State, Penn State, Pitt, Tennessee and Wisconsin. So needless to say, Bridges had quite a few impressive schools that were looking at him.


Bridges brings incredible speed and pursuit abilities for a linebacker. He is very good at getting to the ballcarrier no matter how much the runner shifts around and tries to avoid him. His anticipation of the snap count is also very good, as he is able to time the snap nearly perfectly. He also is a good solid tackler, with very good technique.

In terms of weaknesses, I didn't really see any from his film, but I was also unable to see any of his highlights from coverage. I don't know if it's because he didn't have any or just that they didn't get included.

What to Expect

With his 6-foot-2, 215-pound frame, Bridges has the potential to grow into either of the outside linebacker spots. With his speed and quickness, I would prefer to see him at weakside linebacker, but I still need to see how he does in coverage, before I can make an accurate projection on his future.

One thing that is certain is that he will continue to be a solid linebacker for Tech, no matter where he ends up in the linebacking corps, mostly because of his solid tackling technique. With his technique excellent quickness and anticipation, it's only a matter of time before he gets on the field.