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Georgia Tech Football: Meet the Recruits - S Jarett Cole

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A quick preview of the 3-star Norcross defensive back

Georgia Tech Athletics

As A Recruit

Jarett committed to Tech from Norcross over a slew of other offers including Kansas State, Nebraska, Iowa, and Boston College. The sought-after 5-foot-10, 185-pound safety is a top-100 player in the state of Georgia and a top-50 safety in the nation. With a secondary that is turning over every starter from 2015, Cole could conceivably make an immediate impact. He is rated as a three-star recruit by both Rivals (5.5) and the 247Sports Composite (0.8473)

Joey also did an interview with Jarett a couple weeks before signing day, if you would like to read more about his perspective as a recruit.


From watching the film, the first thing that stands out to me is how hard Cole hits. Safeties don’t always have the reputation for being head hunters like linebackers do, but he stands up several running backs coming full speed at him. He seems to have great intuition in his run-stopping abilities, as he often weaves through traffic and plugs the hole the runner was aiming for.

He also demonstrates his coverage skills with several punishing hits on receivers in his highlight reel along with some impressive passes defended.  What’s also encouraging is that he also has no trouble running with wide receivers when lined up against them in press coverage. This is a crucial skill for safeties to have in the era of spread offenses against slot receivers, especially since Tech plays several very talented spread offenses every season.  He will certainly be an asset to a young Georgia Tech secondary that will be breaking in largely new talent.

What To Expect

Despite the Yellow Jackets graduating most of their starters from the secondary last season, Cole will still have to climb the depth chart in order to see playing time in 2016.  For more detail, Ben’s 2016 DBs projected depth chart can be found here.

Cole looks to be as talented a defensive back as Tech has had in many years, so him unseating one of the projected starters wouldn’t be out of the question. It will just be a steep learning curve for the young man to see the field as he learns a new team, defense, and level of play.