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Georgia Tech Football: Meet the Recruits - DT Chris Martin

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Today, we look at one of the class's biggest recruiters.

Georgia Tech Athletics

As a Recruit

Coming out of Grayson High School in Loganville, Ga., Chris Martin was rated as a three-star prospect by Rivals (5.5) and the 247Sports Composite (0.8454).

Martin committed to Georgia Tech on May 9, 2015, over other reported offers from Boston College, Kentucky and South Florida. As a whole, Martin's recruitment was pretty anti-climactic. Like Tech's first two commits, Martin committed to Tech and then shut down his recruitment and began to recruit for Tech, which played a huge role on his Jan. 15th visit which resulted in four new commits for the Yellow Jackets.


Before I get started on analyzing his actual film, I do want to talk about Grayson for a second. For those who don't know much about high school sports, Grayson is a perennial powerhouse. When you hear people talk about the best high schools for sports in Georgia, Grayson is always (and I mean always) in the conversation.

Standing at 6 feet 2 inches and 260 pounds, Martin has very good tweener size. By that, I mean that with his current size he could wind up at defensive tackle or end. Ultimately, because of the depth we have at end with the last couple recruiting classes, I believe Martin winds up at tackle. That being said, Martin will definitely need to bulk up closer to 280 to be an effective tackle at the collegiate level.

Outside of that, he's in pretty good shape as a player. The only thing he really needs to work on is his first step. It's just a hair slow, which can throw off a lot. If he gets that fixed, though, he will definitely be a good one. I really love the way he pursues the ballcarrier. He has a good sense of where the ball is, so it's difficult to fool him on fakes.

What to Expect

Since he's going to need to add around 20 pounds, I think he's a definite candidate for a redshirt this season. After that, should he add the weight, he will be a very good player for us. He is likely to slide into the under tackle position (not the nose tackle), but will likely be the back-up to Kyle Cerge-Henderson or Brentavious Glanton at the spot until those two graduate.