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Georgia Tech Football: Meet the Recruits - LB Jakob Brashear

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Today, we look at the young linebacker from Dacula.

Georgia Tech Athletics

As a Recruit

Coming out of Dacula High School, Jakob Brashear was rated as a 2-star prospect by Rivals (5.4) and a 3-star prospect by the 247Sports Composite (0.8339).

Brashear committed to Georgia Tech on March 19, 2015 over other reported offers from Air Force, Elon and Illinois State. Clearly those aren't the best offers in the world, but I think a lot of that has to come from Tech snatching Brashear up before any of the bigger schools could really get a look at him, and after he committed to Tech, he decided to shut down his commitment.

He had a pretty solid senior season, finishing with 74 tackles, six tackles for loss, 6.0 sacks, two fumble recoveries and three interceptions, according to 247Sports.


Brashear didn't post anything from his senior year in terms of film, so I had to base my analysis of his junior film. I just wanted to go ahead and say that before I got started.

There's definitely a lot to like about Brashear's film. The first thing that is completely evident to me is that he has great closing speed. He's not the fastest guy in the world, but his closing speed is phenomenal. He has a knack of getting to his guy and being able bring him down with ease. He is also able to get his hands on the ball quite a bit, even if he doesn't come down with the ball.

A lot of what I see in terms of problems with his film is that a lot of his highlights tend to come from pure athleticism and not really technique. There is some technique throughout, but it needs a lot of refinement, because he won't be able to beat a lot of guys at this level with pure athleticism.

What to Expect

Brashear is a guy that will need a couple of years to develop as a player in order to refine his technique. Once that happens, though, Tech will have a very good linebacker. As far as position projection, I tend to project him more of a strongside linebacker based off of his film. I love seeing the potential he has in getting to the passer and stuffing the run. That is one area where his technique is actually pretty solid.

He will need to bulk up, however, if he wants to stick at strongside linebacker. At just 6 feet, 205 pounds, he is very light to be playing linebacker at all, much less strongside linebacker.

He's also a guy that could play on the weakside if needed as well. He has enough speed, quickness and coverage skills to swap sides. The ability to get hands on the ball is also very welcome at both spots.