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Recruiting: FTRS Catches Up with OL Commit Jahaziel Lee

We caught up with Lee about his visit, his decision to flip to Georgia Tech, and his take on his cousin's recruitment.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

After several months of being committed to Louisiana-Lafayette, OL Jahaziel Lee took an official visit before flipping to Georgia Tech last weekend. He comes from Ponchatoula, LA, and is a cousin and high school teammate of current QB Christian Campbell and OL target Donavaughn Campbell.

We caught up with Jahaziel earlier this week to talk about his visit, his decision, and the upcoming decision of the younger Campbell.


So Jahaziel, I take it the visit went well and weather wasn't an issue?

Yes! It was a great visit. The weather was just fine -- it was really cold, but I love the cold!

Who was your host on your visit?

Christian Campbell. He showed me a really good time around campus and around town.

What was your favorite part of the visit?

I really enjoyed the academic presentation, and it was also great getting to spend time with my future head coach -- the great Paul Johnson!

Maybe a related question then, but what were the biggest reasons that you wanted to commit to Georgia Tech?

I wanted to come to Georgia Tech because no other school can prepare me both physically and mentally for life after college like they can. Georgia Tech also can provide me with a network of connections that ensure any student-athlete is going to be successful.

After several months of being committed to ULL, were you planning to commit before the visit, or was it the visit that really sold you?

I was planning to commit to Georgia Tech even before my visit, but that visit just sealed the deal for me!

So, you and Donavaughn Campbell are cousins. Have you been trying to recruit him at all over the last week?

Yes, I've been trying to recruit him and persuade him to come to Georgia Tech! Hopefully he makes his move [on Sunday]!

Last question -- anything that you want Georgia Tech fans to know about you?

That they've got one of the best athletes that they can find!


Thanks to Jahaziel for taking the time to sit down with us! We'd like to congratulate him and his family once again on his commitment! We're excited to have him as a part of the Yellow Jacket family!