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Recruiting: Georgia Tech Target DE Jordan Woods Has Already Committed to the Coaches...Somewhere

In a strangely-timed and cryptic statement, we find out some new information regarding Woods' recruitment.

The following video interview was posted today with 4-star DE target Jordan Woods by Scout. Take a look, and note at the end how he says that he knows where he wants to go, and has already informed that team's coaches.

It's interesting that this video has been published just a day before Woods is due to begin an official visit at Georgia Tech. That he's committing somewhere shortly before visiting the Flats doesn't suggest that he'll be a Yellow Jacket -- why commit somewhere that you're just a few days from visiting, instead of visiting there and committing in a face-to-face meeting?

We'll find out soon how that impacts his visit with Georgia Tech this weekend. It may turn out that he doesn't visit at all, or if the visit goes especially well, it may throw a bit of a wrench in Woods' current plans. Stay tuned for more updates!