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Georgia Tech Recruiting Update 7/12: Two-sport Athlete Sparks Tech's Interest

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We'll also take a look at what happened with a former "commit."

This guy was a pretty good two-sport athlete
This guy was a pretty good two-sport athlete
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Morgan County High School's two-sport star Jailyn Ingram has been given the opportunity by Georgia Tech to play both football and basketball for the Yellow Jackets, according to the AJC.

Needless to say, this guy is pretty solid. After not playing football his first two years of high school, Morgan County's coaches finally persuaded him to join the team. He didn't do much other than have 45 receptions for 892 yards and 11 touchdowns.

In basketball, he's being recruited by teams as a small forward, something Tech desperately needs. He helped lead Morgan County to its first ever state championship last season.

It's going to be a tough battle for Tech to secure Ingram's commitment though. Even though he's only a three-star recruit, there are quite a few big-name teams after him, including the rest of his top four: Florida State, Mississippi State and NC State -- with Tech being the fourth.

I want to leave the discussion on Ingram with a few quotes from the article linked above.

From his high school football coach, Bill Malone:

"He probably has the best hands I’ve seen come through here and we’ve been here 21 years now. We’ve barely scratched the surface as to how good he can be."

"He’s a blank canvas blessed by God with great height, fantastic hands and sub-4.5 (40-yard dash) speed," Malone said. "With someone to put a brush on that canvas, he can easily become a top-level receiver. I can’t wait to see what happens."

Ingram on playing in Tech's offense:

"I like blocking," he said. "I have longer arms, so that makes it easier and I can keep up with the corners. I know how to use my feet as well."

Morgan County Assistant Todd Peaster on Ingram:

"He’s already got the speed and the hands to where if (the quarterback) gets the ball within his zip code he’s going to come down with it," Peaster said. "Not too many kids can play just a year and produce like he has. I’ve noticed this spring and into the summer a different level of interest and commitment from him.

"I think he realizes he can do this a good while longer."

Ingram on a timetable for his decision on which sport he wants to move forward with:

"I’m going to see how I produce this football season and how I feel about that after the season," Ingram said. "I’d like to reach a decision by the end of the season."

And now, a couple highlight videos from Ingram

In other recruiting news, former Georgia Tech "commit" Garrett Rigby announced on Twitter that he has decided to commit to Harvard to continue his football career. For those who don't remember, it had been reported that Rigby had committed to Tech, and then some crazy stuff happened and he never did.

Best of luck at Harvard Garrett! You're definitely in line for a first-class education.

What are your thoughts on Jailyn Ingram? What would he mean for Tech's recruiting class?