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Georgia Tech Recruiting: It Turns Out that ATH Garrett Rigby Actually isn't Committed

Because it wouldn't be recruiting if not for some really bizarre stories.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, we told you that Tucker High School's 3-star ATH Garrett Rigby was the fifth commitment in Georgia Tech's 2016 recruiting class. Shortly thereafter, there were some conflicting reports that stated Rigby wasn't actually committed, quoting his father in particular. There was a significant amount of confusion as a result.

The younger Rigby recently spoke with (of the Rivals network) ($) and confirmed that he is, in fact, not committed to Georgia Tech, nor was he ever:

There was a misunderstanding, I never committed to Georgia Tech.

-- Three-Star Tucker High School ATH Garrett Rigby

With that, the Jackets' 2016 recruiting class returns to only four members -- RB Xavier Gantt, LB Jakob Brashear, DL Chris Martin, and RB Dedrick Mills. That said, June has historically been a very profitable month for the Yellow Jackets in terms of recruiting, so keep your browser tuned to FTRS for any new commitments that may happen in the coming weeks.