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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Signee LB Victor Alexander Discusses His Recruitment In-Depth

"In the Game" provides a lot more insight into the recruiting process for Alexander than most ever hear about.

The recruiting process is often a very mysterious process for the average fan. They hear about guys getting offersr through various avenues of differing credibility, they find out about commitments, and they don't get any insight from the coaches until the entire thing is over. It leaves a lot of people in the dark on players' motivations, especially when considering off-the-field issues.

The video above really pulls back the curtain on some of those behind-the-scenes interactions. Take a look, and you'll hear some of Alexander's character with how he viewed his teammates. He also gives a candid play-by-play of his visit to Georgia Tech, his decommitment from UCLA, and the one simple motivation that made all of the difference to him.

Thanks to the In the Game High School Sports Magazine for conducting this interview and sharing with us here at FTRS!

Thoughts on Alexander's motivations to change his commitment so late in the game? Anything interesting you saw or heard in the video?