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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Meet the Recruits - BB Quaide Weimerskirch

Our "Meet the Recruits" series continues with Georgia Tech's newest entrant in the all-time name championships, and a physical B-Back prospect.

Georgia Tech Athletics

Quaide Weimerskirch committed to Louisiana-Lafayette at the end of July, but kept in touch with Georgia Tech -- his school of choice. In mid-October, he was offered a spot on the Flats -- and he took it. He became the second B-Back commit in the class alongside Mikell Lands-Davis, and brought a fun personality with him. The first thing you'll notice is his hair, but Coach Cook also spoke on Signing Day about how Weimerskirch was the Homecoming King at his school this fall. He's a well-liked guy, and that's something I would expect to continue as he dons the white and gold.

As a Recruit

Weimerskirch committed to Georgia Tech out of Pace High School in Pace, FL -- just on the north side of Pensacola. Georgia Tech's was his only Power-5 offer, but he drew interest from schools such as Michigan State and Missouri, and he had offers from a number of non-Power-5 schools. He was a two-time all-state running back in Florida, and a three-star recruit per Rivals (5.5) and the 247Sports Composite (0.8149). He joined Will Bryan, Harland Howell, and Kyle Cerge-Henderson as an early enrollee after graduating from high school early in December.


Weimerskirch's film screams physicality. His highlights don't show a single play where he doesn't at least break one tackle. Weimerskirch doesn't so much look for an opening in the defense as he looks for somewhere that he can create an opening. He doesn't shy away from contact, and doesn't go down easily. He's physical, he's athletic, and he's versatile -- adding his own physical flair to running back kicks. Without drawing the obvious comparison, Weimerskirch really does remind me of Zach Laskey in his play style and all-around athleticism. He's similarly athletic and determined, and just as comfortable with running between the tackles. At 6'0", he's a taller running back and runs more straight-up (also similar to Laskey). As far as running the ball goes, he'll fit right in at B-Back.

The biggest thing Weimerskirch will need to work on is blocking, particularly in passing situations. Admittedly, I haven't seen enough film to know how much of that he did in high school, but it's an important function of the B-Back position and something that can have a major impact on the success of the passing game. He'll need to refine those abilities as much as possible if he's to be a potential starter one day. When carrying the ball, the biggest challenge for him may be pad height, where it looks like he ran mostly upright in high school but will have to adjust to running behind his pads in college.

What to Expect

Weimerskirch enters a situation where Georgia Tech is very thin on B-Backs, with only CJ Leggett returning from last year's roster and not bringing a single in-game snap with him. Consider also that Weimerskirch enrolling early means he'll have more time to adjust to the system and impress the coaches, and that the coaches have said they expect two true freshmen to play this year. It only seems logical that Weimerskirch will be one of those two, playing some sort of backup role to the likely starter in Leggett. Either way, expect to see him on the field early and often as a true freshman, and get ready for a very likeable player when you do.

Welcome to the Flats, Quaide! We're excited to have you and excited to see what you can do.

Like what you see on the film? Like what you see on top of his head? How does he rank in Georgia Tech's all-time name rankings?