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Georgia Tech Recruiting Update: LB Commit Victor Alexander Flips Back to UCLA...Maybe

On Saturday, Georgia Tech got a commitment from their last major prospect in this class. On Sunday, it was undone...although it possibly wasn't. We're not sure.

"Hey, wait a minute!"
"Hey, wait a minute!"
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What fun would recruiting season be without a little drama?

If you visited the site at all this weekend, you probably know that on Saturday, while on his official visit, LB Victor Alexander flipped his commitment from UCLA to Georgia Tech and became the 26th (and final) commitment in this class for Paul Johnson. Yellow Jacket fans everywhere celebrated, and a video even came out of him celebrating with coaches and staff afterwards.

However, on Sunday evening, that was entirely undone, it would seem. In a move reminiscent of those made in recent years by DE Stephon Tuitt and LB Nigel Bowden, Alexander flipped back to his previous commitment to UCLA.

...or did he? As it turns out, this wasn't as cut-and-dry as some would have thought that it was. Although Bruin Report (Scout's UCLA site) was able to "confirm" him flipping back to UCLA, there's a lot of uncertainty on what exactly Alexander said.

At this point, those Alexander quotes have to be taken as you will -- extremely cryptic and non-specific (almost non sequiturs, honestly), and hard to really determine what was being said. With Bruin Report making that initial claim that Alexander had flipped back, many just ran with the story, and there's now a lot of question as to the validity of it. At the same time, we really can't be sure of what his status is with either school. Stay tuned -- we may find out more in the next couple of days, or we may find out during Georgia Tech's National Signing Day celebration Wednesday morning.

But, for now, what if Alexander has indeed flipped back and won't play at Georgia Tech? As it stands, with Alexander committed, Georgia Tech is set to have 86 on scholarship in the coming fall -- one more than the NCAA's maximum limit of 85. (There will be a full update on scholarship counts on Wednesday.) While that may look like a problem now, remember that there have been at least 5 players that have left school early for each of the last 15 years. If even just one were to leave early (that could include dismissal, a transfer for playing time, or even graduation and a job opportunity), it would open up that necessary slot.

That said, if Alexander's slot re-opens, it is still likely to be filled. The top candidate for that spot would be WR Brad Stewart from Savannah's Benedictine Military School. Stewart was previously offered a "grayshirt" by Coach Johnson, which equates to offering him a Preferred Walk-On spot and a scholarship as soon as one opens up. It was offered weeks ago when Coach Johnson wanted to ensure that he would have enough room for each of his top prospects should they all want to commit -- which they did. However, Stewart is the next man on the board, and the likely recipient of that final spot.

If the Alexander rumors are indeed true, and he has reneged on his pledge to Georgia Tech, many Yellow Jacket fans will be upset about the loss of what was perceived to be one of the best players in the class. Just remember, though, that even without Alexander, this class has 25 outstanding players in it, and the fanbase has gotten excited about all of them. Alexander would definitely be the icing on the cake, but even without him, it's a pretty damn good cake, one the coaching staff has done a magnificent job of putting together. And just remember...

What fun would recruiting season be without a little drama?

Keep your internet tuned to FTRS for updates as this situation continues to develop, and check in here on Wednesday for National Signing Day coverage!