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Recruiting: Multiple Committed QB Targets Back in Play for Yellow Jackets

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In a bit of a weird 12-hour span Sunday, two of Georgia Tech's top 2016 targets at quarterback came back into play after several months of being committed elsewhere.

First was late afternoon on Sunday, when Alabama QB TaDarryl Marshall apparently had his scholarship offer to Tennessee pulled following an April commitment to the Vols. You might remember that Marshall was one of Georgia Tech's top targets at quarterback, before he unceremoniously cut the Yellow Jackets from consideration in late April:

What's going to be interesting to watch here is where Marshall goes from here. Of his "top three" back in April, Tennessee is now off the table, while Alabama and Auburn have a combined three quarterbacks and 35 total prospects already committed. If Marshall is set on playing quarterback in college, he may have to begin reconsidering Georgia Tech.

Less than two months after Marshall's commitment to Tennessee, we told you that Georgia Tech offered Victor Viramontes, a talented quarterback out of Norco, California (a little bit east of Anaheim). Only a week later, he committed to Jim Harbaugh and Michigan without ever having seen Ann Arbor. He visited twice through the fall, once early in September, and again in November for the Ohio State game. The Southern California native must not have liked the cold temperatures too much, because he fired off this tweet last night:

As much as I hate to connect dots (that's a bit of a lie), I can't help but think that his next tweet may have been a little bit related.

Still, a top QB target being back on the market can't be bad for Georgia Tech.

We'll continue to keep an eye out to see how the recruitment for these two develops. There's always a chance one of them ends up at Georgia Tech.