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Georgia Tech Ranked 45th of 65 in ESPN's "Easiest Power-5 Recruiting Jobs"

Something worth thinking about as we enter into the heart of recruiting season...

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

In a recent article, ESPN went through and rated the 65 Power-5 schools on how easily each can be recruited to. Each school was evaluated on five categories: (1) favorable geography/favorable recruiting territory, (2) recruiting/football budget, (3) facilities, (4) next-level considerations, and (5) other intangibles. Each of those categories were rated on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the best, and then the scores were added up and compared with those of other schools.

Georgia Tech's score put them at #45 nationally, just behind Kansas State, Rutgers, and Utah, and just ahead of Pittsburgh, Arizona, West Virginia, and N.C. State.

In addition to national rankings, they rank 8th of 14 teams in the ACC in terms of ease of recruiting (link requires ESPN Insider access). Overall, Georgia Tech's score was clearly impacted by academic difficulties, but helped by its location in one of the most fertile recruiting states in the country.

The thing I found odd was the score given to recruiting/football budget, where Georgia Tech was scored a 4 out of 5, as ESPN explained:

The Yellow Jackets have a budget that is huge and compares with the powerhouses nationally. While recruiting the home state and neighboring Florida could fill a class, the academic requirements make Georgia Tech a program that has to branch out throughout the region and along the Eastern seaboard.

That stuck out as strange because it doesn't seem consistent with what I've heard and experienced, it puts Georgia Tech's score on par with Clemson and Notre Dame, and ahead of the entire rest of the conference (including Florida State, Miami, et al.). I don't have data to back it up, but it doesn't seem like Georgia Tech has a football budget in line with that of Clemson or Notre Dame, and certainly not ahead of Florida State's.

Some other noteworthy schools and where they fall on the list:

National Rank School Conference National Rank School Conference
1 georgia SEC 42 Kansas State Big XII
6 Alabama SEC 43 Rutgers Big Ten
7 Florida SEC 44 Utah Pac-12
8 Florida State ACC 45 Georgia Tech ACC
11 Auburn SEC 46 Pittsburgh ACC
13 Clemson ACC 47 Arizona Pac-12
14 Notre Dame ACC 48 West Virginia Big XII
16 Tennessee SEC 49 NC State ACC
17 Miami ACC 51 Northwestern Big Ten
20 Stanford Pac-12 57 Duke ACC
32 North Carolina ACC 58 Vanderbilt SEC
35 Virginia Tech ACC 64 Wake Forest ACC
40 Virginia ACC 65 Boston College ACC

Does 45th sound right, Georgia Tech fans? Surprised to see where other schools fall on this list?