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Georgia Tech Football Recruiting: Longtime WR Commit Brandon Singleton Decommits

After a long period of adding to the 2015 recruiting class, Georgia Tech will now be subtracting one.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

WR Brandon Singleton committed to Georgia Tech back in late July after visiting the campus and simply falling in love with it. Throughout the fall, the Rivals 5.7-rated three-star prospect has been tearing it up at school and getting Yellow Jackets fans excited about his arrival. Singleton played at Hahnville High School, about 30 minutes west of New Orleans, and was able to see the Jackets play at Tulane in September. However, with growing interest in him nationally over the last couple of months, Singleton felt the need to open up his recruitment and explore his options, and felt that decommitting (without naming a new school he was committing to) was the best way to do that. Singleton will visit Cal this weekend and has been receiving a lot of attention from Arkansas as well. He's said that he won't be ruling out Georgia Tech as the place that he might land, but his desire to commit again at a later date may be denied with how full the Yellow Jackets' class is.

Singleton's decommitment could open the door for Savannah-based WR Brad Stewart, who had a monster senior year and made a name for himself with what was dubbed "The Catch" -- a high-flying touchdown catch in tight coverage by Greater Atlanta Christian's 3-star Tennessee commit Micah Abernathy.

Stewart has been drawing interest from Georgia Tech among others, and this week was offered a "grayshirt" year by the Yellow Jacket staff -- offering him a scholarship as soon as one came available, though not necessarily at the beginning of his college career. However, Singleton's decommitment may leave room for Stewart to get a full-on scholarship offer. The full fallout from Singleton's move has yet to be seen.

We'll give an update on the recruiting situation next Monday after this weekend's visitors. But for now, what you should know is that Singleton's decommitment leaves Georgia Tech with two open spots, although that's without accounting for the potential re-addition of Jabari Hunt-Days or any players who decide to transfer or otherwise leave the program. The question is, who do you want to see that last scholarship go to?