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Georgia Tech Football Recruiting: Official Visit Weekend Tweetcap

What better way to recap a weekend full of recruiting visits than through the eyes of Twitter?

Marc Serota/Getty Images

Georgia Tech hosted a number of current commitments along with a couple of potential prospects on official visits this weekend, and it sounds like things went pretty well. Below is a list of who was on campus and their status with the Yellow Jackets.

Position Name Status
RB Kirvonte Benson GaTech Commit
RB Mikell Lands-Davis GaTech Commit
ATH TaQuon Marshall GaTech Commit
S AJ Gray GaTech Commit
WR Christian Philpott GaTech Commit
WR Brandon Singleton GaTech Commit
RB Omahri Jarrett GaTech Commit
DL Trent Sellers GaTech Commit
DB Dante Wigley GaTech Commit
DL Brentavious Glanton GaTech Commit
WR Christian Campbell GaTech Commit
ATH Dorian Walker Committed on Visit
DB David Curry Committed on Visit

That's a big list with a number of Georgia Tech's top recruits that were set to visit.'d it go?

Omahri Jarrett Tweet

David Curry, a safety from Buford and a current commitment to UVA, was invited down for the weekend and joined in on the festivities:

...TaQuon Marshall was excited about that:

When trying to win your way into the heart of a teenage boy (or any male, really), Sublime Donuts are a good place to start.

Let's check in on how things are going for Curry...

(For those who don't speak "Millenial", that means "good" or "exciting".)

Let's see what everyone looks like in jerseys with all of that hardware the team recently won!

Georgia Tech's backfield of the future, Mikell Lands-Davis and Omahri Jarrett, appear to be getting along well.

Look how happy Brandon Singleton is!

(A quick scan of his Twitter says that this is just his picture face.)

When it's dinner time on an official visit, you'd better believe you're about to get the royal treatment.

At this point, I'm not sure exactly whether Trent Sellers was referring to his dinner or his quarterback...

Seeing this from Curry on a Sunday morning following his official visit surely implies that the visit went well, right?

We now know that it certainly did, as Curry flipped from his UVA commitment within a couple of hours and is now committed to Georgia Tech!

...but not before Dorian Walker could put an end to his recruitment with a commitment to Georgia Tech, though!

All in all, it sounds like everyone had a great wekend: