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Georgia Tech Recruiting: A Look Back at the Month of June and its 9 Commitments

A recruiting dead period starts Monday and lasts for a couple of weeks, meaning we're likely to have a lull in recruiting news. With that impending, let's look back at the month that has been for Georgia Tech's football recruiting efforts.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

One month ago today, Georgia Tech's 2015 recruiting class had 3 commitments. As of this writing, they have 12 commitments. Their class is currently tied for 30th nationwide in number of commitments, is ranked the #29 class in the nation by Rivals, and is the #33 class in the nation per 247Sports. Since June 5th, Georgia Tech has averaged a commitment every 2.67 days, with the longest gap being the 6 days between Nathan Cottrell's commitment and Tyler Cooksey's Father's Day pledge.

One Busy Weekend

The surge began June 5 with the commitment of dynamic RB Ohmari Jarrett, who projects as an A-Back and shows really good speed and balance. Only two days later, QB Christian Campbell committed to the Jackets while attending one of Georgia Tech's summer evaluation camps. Campbell is a highly-rated athlete who runs very well, and runs stylistically in line with what Coach Johnson looks for in his QB's. Campbell was followed only about an hour later by the commitment of DE Trent Sellers, an under-the-radar guy who the coaches have loved every time they've seen him. While currently listed as a DE, Sellers also has the potential to grow into a DT. The momentum continued the following day with the commitment of WR Christian Philpott, who committed over offers from a number of other big-time programs. Philpott actually would appear to have caught flak from fans of those other teams, as he felt the need to give them the proverbial finger in reminding them that the two best wide receivers in the NFL today went to Georgia Tech, and that he could very well be next in line. The weekend was punctuated by the commitment of RB Nathan Cottrell, who ran sub-4.4 40-yard dash times for the coaches and apparently does nothing but eat, sleep, and put up video game-like numbers in Tennessee's highest class for football.

Defensive Legacies

So after starting with Jarrett on June 5, we've now made it through the commitment of Cottrell, which happened...June 9. Needless to say, it was an exciting weekend for Georgia Tech fans. From there, things would calm down for almost a week, before LB Tyler Cooksey (son of former Yellow Jacket LB Tom Cooksey) pledged to follow in his old man's footsteps and play on the Flats. Cooksey is a highly-rated linebacker with offers from a ton of BCS schools, and with a chance to stand out as a great ballplayer for Ted Roof. 4 days later, Georgia Tech would secure the commitment of a second straight legacy player in DT Kyle Henderson, son of former Yellow Jacket LB Kevin Henderson. Henderson, like Cooksey, had a slew of other BCS offers with a chance to blaze his own trail, but instead chose to continue the family tradition and play his college football on the Flats.

Going Out with a Bang

Another four days later, WR Harland Howell would become the second receiver in the class, joining Philpott. Howell is a big, physical wide receiver who will fit in really well with what Coach Johnson needs from him. The month was topped off with a true exclamation mark (you guessed it) four days later, when the Jackets secured the commitment of the top player on their board, RB Mikell Lands-Davis. Lands-Davis is a B-Back type who could end up rated a 4-star prospect. He is a huge pick up for this program.

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

This month, we saw 9 commitments, 2 of which were legacies, most of which were highly-rated, and all of which were guys who our coaches evaluated and decided that they wanted. It was really a huge month for our coaching staff in recruiting. The challenge now will be retaining all of these commitments. From what I can gather, this class is starting to bond well over Twitter and at camps, which will go a long way in keeping them together. They're also reaching out to uncommitted guys to do a little recruiting of their own -- another huge thing that will have a major positive impact on the recruiting class going forward. For now, the class looks like this:

Position Name Rating (Rivals) Date of Commitment
OL Will Bryan 5.7 8/3/2013
ATH A.J. Gray 5.6 3/11/2014
QB Jaylend Ratliffe 5.6 3/29/2014
RB Ohmari Jarrett 5.6 6/5/2014
ATH Christian Campbell 5.7 6/7/2014
DE Trent Sellers 5.4 6/7/2014
WR Christian Philpott 5.6 6/8/2014
RB Nathan Cottrell 5.5 6/9/2014
LB Tyler Cooksey 5.7 6/15/2014
DT Kyle Henderson 5.5 6/19/2014
WR Harland Howell II 5.5 6/23/2014
RB Mikell Lands-Davis 5.6 6/27/2014

Impressed with our coaching staff's accomplishments this month? Excited about this class going forward?