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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Mike Rogers Will Sign With UCF

It was Sunday night during the Super Bowl when one of Georgia Tech's top targets announced he will sign to play for George O'Leary.

Seriously though...what??
Seriously though...what??
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Mike Rogers has announced on Twitter that he will sign with UCF on Signing Day.

However, it's very unclear at this point as to why he chose UCF, and Kelly Quinlan of is suggesting it was a result of Georgia Tech's coaches pulling his offer. (Link requires registration.)

If the move is, in fact, a result of Georgia Tech's coaches pulling his offer, it's an interesting gamble on the part of Paul Johnson and his squad. A possible concern was Rogers' test scores and grades, after he took the SAT's for the first time last weekend. Additionally, Rogers has really stayed away from showing his hand throughout the process, frequently acting as the leader for what was a wild goose chase for both sides.

I wish him the best at UCF and wish I could've seen him play at Georgia Tech, but am now really intrigued to hear if Paul Johnson comments on the matter, as well as what the real reason behind it was.