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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Weekend Wrap-Up

The second of three crucial recruiting weekends has come to a close, and not without some bad news for Georgia Tech.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Miles Taylor Decommits

Name Position Height Weight Hometown Rivals || Scout Committed?
Miles Taylor DB 6'0" 185 lbs Washington, DC ||

The main recruiting story of this weekend was Georgia Tech commitment and 3-star S Miles Taylor, who took a "secret" visit to Iowa and confirmed Sunday that he will be suiting up for the Hawkeyes in college.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that we got out-recruited by Iowa and now are scrambling for a replacement. It's a valid viewpoint, but if that's what you're thinking, you're missing part of the story. Read the following from Miles, per Eric Thompson of

"...Long story short don't know if I was one of those guys come early fall. No communication for months what so ever. No coaches coming during open period to see you and you're teammates. No relationship was formed. Like I said when I first committed I'm as committed to GT as long as they are committed to me. and I didn't feel like it was there the commitment between the both of us. many people just look at the kids and put them at fault for decommitting and some of that is true but some of that is not true and it goes back to the coaches..."


Now, reading this talk of "no communication for months" makes me think there's more going on here. This isn't a typical recruiting practice for our coaches. Other kids that are committed to Georgia Tech are visited regularly during both the football and recruiting seasons, or certainly talked to on the phone if nothing else. With that considered, I'm not sure that this was much of an "accident", per se. In all honesty, this might work out best for both sides. It would appear that Tech's coaches weren't too determined to keep him, and if that was the case then there's some other driving force behind that that may not be public at this point. My recommendation is to wait to put this in perspective until after the dust has settled on National Signing Day.

Visitors Quiet Again

This weekend Georgia Tech had three players on official visits, including commitments Michael Preddy and C.J. Leggett, and target Myles Autry. We had previously reported only Preddy and Autry to be visiting this weekend, but Leggett would appear to have been a late addition to the list.

Name Position Height Weight Hometown Rivals || Scout Committed/
Myles Autry AB/DB 5'10" 175 lbs Norcross, GA ||
C.J. Leggett RB 5'10" 207 lbs Suwanee, GA ||
Michael Preddy DE 6'5" 240 lbs Charleston, SC ||

As with last weekend, there was no real news from this weekend amongst the visitors. But, in the case of our commitments, no news is good news, and Twitter always backs that up nicely.

Here's to hoping Leggett and Preddy made a good impression on Myles.


Name Position Height Weight Hometown Rivals || Scout Interests
Mike Sawyers DT 6'2" 307 lbs Nashville, TN ||

This weekend, top target Mike Sawyers spent the weekend in Oxford, MS, visiting Ole Miss. Apparently his visit started with an oddly convenient coincidence...

Sawyers also tweeted this weekend that he had just "fallen back in love" with Oxford, although that tweet has since been deleted. That said, he made it home without committing, which can only be a good thing for Georgia Tech. Sawyers has one official visit remaining next weekend to Notre Dame, though whether they have room for him is unclear based on their 6 DL commitments, including 2 DTs (one of whom is a player with a 4-star rating).

Name Position Height Weight Hometown Rivals || Scout Committed?
Mike Rogers AB/BB/DB 6'0" 180 lbs Smyrna, GA ||

After making comments he could announce his final decision as soon as Friday, Rogers did make his intentions clear, although it wasn't what many were looking for.

Unsatisfying as that was, it was an otherwise quiet weekend for Rogers, who spent his Saturday morning taking his SAT's. He has his only official visit at UCF next weekend, though reportedly has unofficially visited Georgia Tech numerous times.

Name Position Height Weight Hometown Rivals || Scout Interests
Kenderius Whitehead DE 6'4" 225 lbs Lithonia, GA ||

Kenderius Whitehead spent the weekend in Morgantown, WV, visiting the Mountaineers' campus.

He had good things to say, but wasn't gushing, which can be considered good news for Tech fans. He'll spend the final weekend of this recruiting period at Georgia Tech, which is a good omen -- having the last visit typically goes pretty far in the world of recruiting.

If I'm not mistaken, all four of our main targets left will be announcing their decisions on National Signing Day.


Overall, not the most productive of weekends for Tech, losing a commitment and only having three visitors. However, they still have 18 commitments, and with 22 openings and 4 targets, it'll be an interesting finish. Also, expect "flipping" activity to pick up as we get closer to Signing Day and teams miss on more and more prospects. That said, most of our prospects have said publicly that they're not entertaining calls from other teams, so there isn't much to worry about.

Then again, that's what Miles Taylor said.

Satisfied with where we are? Getting impatient? Annoyed that all 4 targets are waiting until the last day to announce their decisions? Worried we'll lose anyone else?