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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Reports -- Commitment Miles Taylor Secretly Visiting Iowa

Taylor was the first commitment in Georgia Tech's 2014 class.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Disappointing reports have surfaced today, suggesting that Georgia Tech's first commitment for 2014, DB Miles Taylor, is on a secret official visit to Iowa. This has not been confirmed by Miles or Georgia Tech, but multiple sources are reporting that the writing is on the wall, and that Taylor is in Iowa City on a visit.

Georgia Tech is unable to speak publicly about players who have not signed an official Letter of Intent, and so there is no news out about how Paul Johnson plans to handle this situation. However, given his well-documented policies, you can fill in the blanks and expect Taylor not to be signing with Georgia Tech on February 5th, assuming these reports are true. In that case, Taylor would be only the second de-commitment from this class, a surprisingly low count for this time of year.

Eric Thompson of had this to say about the situation:

I have been friends with Miles for a good while...we would chat every now and then. He would keep me updated on things and let me know about some targets and ask what I knew about stuff. ..when the rumor of him visiting PSU started awhile back he messaged me right away and wanted for me to get it out that he wasnt and he was solid to GT.

A few months ago I sent him a message about something and he never replied back...about a week or two later I sent him another message asking something and he didnt reply for a few days. When we got on the topic of GT it was something that he didnt want to really want to talk about...after that he hasnt talked to any reporter from the GT side in awhile which made it more obvious.

It's going to be interesting to see who Georgia Tech replaces Taylor with, assuming his offer is withdrawn. UCF commit and top Georgia Tech target Mike Rogers can play A-back or Safety, but don't be surprised if the Yellow Jackets are able to find someone else to fill the spot in the next ten days.

Surprised at the news? Thoughts on the matter, assuming this is true?