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Georgia Tech History

Rearview Revisited: Segregation and the Sugar Bowl

"I am 60 years old and have never broken a contract. I do not intend to start now." - Tech President Blake Van Leer

HTS 2019: Hoos from Hooville

By the law of SBN affiliate names, the Rumble Seat : Georgia Tech traditions :: Streaking the Lawn : Virginia traditions? Let’s go with that.

Rearview Mirror: The Kendada Corner

In which we go on a field trip to Tech’s newest addition.

Rearview Mirror: The Sanity Code

And a quick assortment of other relevant topics to this thoroughly newsworthy week.

Homecoming 2019: A Rearview Mirror Special Feature

Asking all those fundamental questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Rearview Mirror: Managing Mason

Jesse Mason was a powerful, powerful man in the early 1960s.

Rearview Mirror: Unfair Catch

Chick Graning was just the unfortunate soul at the end of a blow he didn’t deserve.

Rearview Mirror: Delta Ted’s Excellent Adventure

That’s no moon, it’s a checks notes Ford 1930 Model A Sport Coupe!

Rearview Mirror: The Integration of Georgia Tech

In which we take a look at perhaps the most divisive issue Tech has ever grappled with.

Rearview Mirror: Power Rankings Week

Rearview Mirror spends bye week looking at the things you don’t think twice about, but really make the day worthwhile on campus.

HTS 2019: The Citadel

Gonna be real honest, this is the first one I’ve had to write totally from scratch this year.

HTS 2019: South Florida

I know "Swamp Bulls" isn’t their name but wouldn’t that be cooler than just Bulls?

HTS 2019: C-L-E-M-S-OOOO[Hey Dabo What’s The Last Letter Again? Oh Wait I Got It]-N!

In which From the Rumble Seat’s second best history column takes a little spin to Auburn on a Lake.

Rearview Mirror: The Benefit of the Doubt

Tech swung back, but would it last? Spoiler alert: no.

Rearview Mirror: Editorializing on the Fate of the Kessler Campanile

There’s apparently some Campanile-related controversy going around the Georgia Tech interwebs lately.

Rearview Mirror: Paul the Presidential Placeholder

Paul Weber’s term slid seamlessly into the beginning of the next president, Edwin Harrison.

Rearview Mirror: The Tall Grey Fox

I would probably have seen this one coming if I’d been able to finish reading Dodd’s Luck before I got to 1956.

Rearview Mirror: Weber for a While

I couldn’t handle some of Bobby Dodd’s comments about his golden-era teams, so we’re ignoring them for a week.

A Rearview Mirror Special Feature: Ángels and Preachers, Part III

And today, we wrap the series with a look at Tech’s modern presidents.

Rearview Mirror: The Actual 1956 Sugar Bowl, Finally

Rearview Mirror: Back to the Past

So...we know 1955 was controversial, but how did we get there?

Rearview Mirror: The In-Between Year

Before we catch up to 1956, we need to know what happened in 1954 and 1955.

Rearview Mirror: The South Stands at Armageddon

Really giving it away with the title on this one.

Rearview Mirror: On the Other Side

The National Champions didn’t repeat in 1953.

Rearview Mirror: Second Time’s the Charm

After going undefeated in 1951, what was it actually going to take for the pollsters to see Bobby Dodd’s gang of Ramblin’ Wrecks as legitimate?

Rearview Mirror: To Claim or Not to Claim

That is the question!

Rearview Mirror: Tech Tower

Congratulations to the winner of From the Rumble Seat’s 2019 March Madness Building Bracket!

Rearview Mirror: Birth of the Bureaucracy

Blake Van Leer may have gotten his name change, but his real moving and shaking was yet to come.

This stream has:

Burdell’s Building Bracket

Which building is the best?

Rearview Mirror: Bobby Dodd and the Raiders of the Lost Orange Bowl

Guess what movie I watched half of last night...

Rearview Mirror: New Institute Order

Rearview Mirror: Sells Out Again

Remember that horrible-but-trendy top 10 list of the 1927 season? Here I am, capitalizing on trends again.