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Georgia Tech History

HTS 2020 - Notre Dame

An on-and-off rivalry goes "on" for a two year span.

HTS 2020: Boston College

We haven’t seen them since checks notes Ireland?

HTS 2020: Louisville

I think that this seems a relatively familiar matchup is supremely ironic.

HTS 2020: Syracuse

Well, we’ve played them three times. The last one did not go well for them.

HTS 2020: Central Florida

Much like Florida State is younger than you’d think, Central Florida is older than you might think.

HTS 2020: Florida State

The history of FSU football and matchups of old between the Jackets and the Seminoles.

Rearview Mirror: Men’s Tennis

Alternative Content Week: 1991 Season Preview

We dug way back into the mimeograph machine (is that a thing?) for this one.

Rearview Mirror: Swimming and Diving and Drownproofing Part II

The saga continues.

Rearview Mirror: Swimming and Diving and Drownproofing

Well, as best as we can figure.

Rearview Mirror Special: Hydrology of the Flats

Or, why Ángel Cabrera shouldn’t have a lake in his backyard right now.

Rearview Mirror: When You’ve Said Bud Carson

You’ve said it all?

Burdell’s Bracket Winner: Bobby Dodd

In lieu of a profile, here’s the complete Rearview set on Bobby Dodd.

Rearview Mirror: On Cross Country and Track

Going to get the non-rev features underway, since there’s not much non-rev to chat about over the summer.

Rearview Mirror Exclusive: The Future of the Ramblin’ Reck

My off-and-on history of the Ramblin’ Reck continues because, well, ends more powerful than I justify my means of production.

Rearview Mirror: The Magnificent Seven

Yes, I chose a title evoking Bernstein on purpose.

Rearview Mirror: Finds Dodd in the Wilderness

1964 represented a turning point for the fate of Yellow Jacket football.

Rearview Mirror: Sideways

It’s underdog week here at SBN, so, like usual, I’m selling out my schedule to fit the theme.

Rearview Mirror: Burdell’s Bracket, Year Two

This year we’re going with a bracket of iconic Georgia Tech figures. Let’s get to business with the bracket and the First Four.

Rearview Mirror: Southern Technical Institute and the Georgia State College

Yeah, I’m talking about Kennesaw State this week...

Rearview Mirror: Freedom to do...Something?

With Tech left to wander the wilds of independent life outside the SEC, Edwin Harrison got back to work, well, doing his actual job.

Rearview Mirror: Odds, Ends, and Starting New

Where we debrief what’s to come for this nearly two year old series.

Georgia Tech Football: Remembering K Harrison Butker

A fond reminder of our time with one of the most prolific kickers in the league.

Rearview Mirror: You Break It, You Buy It?

Since it’s January and the late 1960s, it’s time to talk about the Reck again.

Rearview Mirror Special: Point Shaving, Kentucky Basketball, and Whack Hyder

Let’s talk former basketball rivals, why don’t we?

Rearview Mirror: Campus Recreation Center

In honor of an historic US Open, it’s an appropriate time to take a look at one of the more famously famous buildings on campus.

Rearview Mirror: “The Notre Dame of the South”

The Southeastern Conference called our bluff. So we left.

HTS 2019: The School in Athens

How ‘bout ‘em?

Rearview Revisited: Segregation and the Sugar Bowl

"I am 60 years old and have never broken a contract. I do not intend to start now." - Tech President Blake Van Leer

HTS 2019: Hoos from Hooville

By the law of SBN affiliate names, the Rumble Seat : Georgia Tech traditions :: Streaking the Lawn : Virginia traditions? Let’s go with that.

Rearview Mirror: The Kendada Corner

In which we go on a field trip to Tech’s newest addition.

Rearview Mirror: The Sanity Code

And a quick assortment of other relevant topics to this thoroughly newsworthy week.