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Georgia Tech Football: Staff Predictions - South Carolina State

How will Georgia Tech perform this weekend?

NCAA Football: Louisville at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Benjamin Tankersley

Georgia Tech wins 42-10.

Obviously, last week’s loss was a rough start, but playing SC State provides a nice bounce-back opportunity. SC State’s defensive line isn’t a fraction as good as Louisville’s (which is expected to be really good this season), so the O-line should have a bit of an easier time. On defense, though, Georgia Tech needs to find a guy to fill in the massive hole left by Sylvain Yondjouen who is out for the rest of the year after tearing his ACL. Key said in his press conference earlier this week that several players could contribute in that spot. I’m hopeful that one separates themselves.

Maggie Doster

Georgia Tech wins 31-3.

Doesn’t count as analysis really but my mental health hinges on this win!

Jack Purdy

Georgia Tech wins 45-6.

My gut was right last week (tight loss), so here’s hoping my prediction for SC State to either hit 2 field goals or miss a PAT after a touchdown is correct!

Jake Grant

Georgia Tech wins 49-10.

With a week to work out some of the punch list items that came about from the Louisville opener, Tech should cruise in a game against a generally overmatched opponent.

Logan Sandor

Georgia Tech wins 54-14.

I still expect the O-line to struggle.

Jeff Cramer

Georgia Tech wins 48-10.

Georgia Tech looked really good in its 2nd quarter performance against Louisville but needs consistency through the game against conference goes or else the game will slip away again. South Carolina St has looked bad their first two games though so no drama in this one. Georgia Tech goes into the half comfortably.