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Georgia Tech Football: Staff Predictions - Wake Forest

How does the FTRS staff think the game will go?

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Benjamin Tankersley

Georgia Tech wins 28-24.

What concerns me about this game is the fact that Brent Key felt strongly enough about the practices this week, that he went on this monologue (really keying in on 1:00-1:20):

A bad week at practice doesn’t bode well for an upcoming game. Now, Key mentioned that it was addressed several times, so I am hopeful that it will not cause any issues, but that is the reason that I am predicting a lower-scoring affair. I think Georgia Tech should win this game, but ultimately, I don’t know that I’ll be surprised if they don’t.

Jack Purdy

Georgia Tech wins 37-20.

I’m a tad worried about this defense leaking more points than it should. The trio of Haynes, Haynes, Singleton & Associates are getting it done on offense, so as long as they’re firing, I feel we’ll be alright.

Jake Grant

Georgia Tech wins 31-24.

Much like last week, I elect to take an optimistic point of view. While I admit this is not the most likely outcome, nor the most realistic, I certainly think it is possible. Old Dominion handled Wake pretty thoroughly for most of their game last week, while Tech acquitted themselves well on offense along with a solid defense for the most part outside of a few large plays and short fields. If Tech can limit the big plays, and indeed take a step forward on defense in general, I think they stand a reasonable shot at a road victory.

Logan Sandor

Georgia Tech wins 31-24.

I think the biggest issue for GT will be to get turnovers. Our defense hasn’t been great, playing to not give up big plays hasn’t stopped us from giving up those big plays anyway. In my mind the best option is to try adding additional pressure on a Wake QB who has shown he is prone to giving up turnovers.

On the other side of the ball the Wake pass rush is going to be tough to deal with. Expect some screens and draw plays to try and open things up downfield. We also need to take points where we can get them. This will be a close game so we shouldn’t be afraid to kick a FG if we find ourselves in a position to score. Hopefully the kickers show us some consistency and our run game can find a way to get in the end zone.

Jeff Cramer

Georgia Tech wins 35-24.

Wake is one of the undefeated ACC remaining but they have benefited from a pretty soft start. Georgia Tech has moved the ball well even against tougher competition. I expect Tech to have it’s best day offense so far this season. The defense has been the Achilles Heel but Wake has been prone to slow starts and untimely turnovers. They barely escaped Old Dominion last week so Georgia Tech will get their first ACC win on the season and keep bowl hopes alive.

Drew Gordon

Wake Forest wins 37-34

Wake Forest hasn’t exactly impressed so far despite the weak schedule, but I still think they win this game. Old Dominion kept it close because they had two long turnovers for touchdowns. They’ll be able to run the ball on this front and their weakness at pass blocking won’t matter too much. Against Louisville and Ole Miss, GT could have won if they made some big plays like turnovers. Unfortunately they were the recipient of the game changing plays in both games. I think there will be more of the same here. If Tech can force some turnovers or their defensive line steps up and makes it difficult to run then I think they can solidly win this game. But my pick is with Wake.