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Georgia Tech Football: Staff Predictions - Ole Miss

How does the FTRS staff think the game will go?

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Benjamin Tankersley

Ole Miss wins 42-38.

I don’t really buy either team’s defense in this game, and Ole Miss has not wanted to run the ball very much at all this season, so I think this is going to turn into a shootout. Unfortunately for Tech, I think Ole Miss has a good bit more firepower and will be able to outlast the Yellow Jackets, but I would only be mildly surprised if Tech won this game.

Jeff Cramer

Ole Miss wins 37-28.

Ole Miss feels very similar to Louisville with their host of new transfers, but they have a good coaching staff who already has had two games to get some cohesion. They struggled with Tulane last week before pulling away late. Tulane is a quality opponent and managed to get pressure on the QB. Georgia Tech hasn’t had a lot of success with that and will need to find some to allow the offense to keep pace. Ole Miss has had some breakdowns in coverage, and I think Georgia Tech has the weapons to exploit that. It won’t be near as bad as last year, and Tech covers but I’ll still take Ole Miss in this one.

Logan Sandor

Ole Miss wins 45-34.

I do hope I’m wrong and we somehow pull off an upset. Ole Miss has one of the most talented RBs in the NCAA, and our defense has struggled to stop the run. That powerful run game will also open up things in the pass game. We will likely score quite a bit on offense, but not enough to out score Ole Miss. If our defense can get in the Ole Miss backfield or cause some turnovers I can see this going the other way.

Jake Grant

Tech wins 28-24.

I am writing this late enough that I see this side, though I feel it more unlikely, hasn’t been presented yet. I would not say this is the most likely outcome, but if Tech is to win this game, it needs to be effective at stopping Ole Miss early in drives, particularly on the ground, and get a little lucky with turnovers. It’s not impossible, and we’ve seen good coaching plans from this staff before at somewhat long odds (see: the last game of last season) so why not consider the possibility, at least?

Jack Purdy

Ole Miss wins 31-17.

I’m not gonna fool myself here. This is a game of two teams in different tiers right now. Can we win this game? Yes, it’s possible. But that’s about all I’m willing to give Tech in this. Hopefully I’ll catch most of this game after being in Mercedes Benz Stadium watching Messi get absolutely destroyed by Atlanta United.