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FTRS Staff Predictions for College Football 2023

How will the season go for everyone else this season?

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Benjamin Tankersley

  • Georgia Tech has a player hit 7 sacks
  • Haynes King remains the starter at QB
  • Malik Rutherford finishes as Tech’s leading receiver in yards and TDs
  • LaMiles Brooks once again displays himself as Tech’s best defensive player
  • At least one conference completely falls apart by the end of the season
  • Bama takes home the National Championship, and the only proof I need is the smile Nick Saban has in this picture:

Jack Purdy

  • The Big 12 might get some higher TV ratings this year with how much vitriol there will be when Oklahoma and Texas have to play conference games. They didn’t have to leave, but here we are with the mess they’ve given us for next year.

Jake Grant

  • I think the exiting schools will have a chippy goodbye from their current conferences, particularly Oklahoma and Texas.
  • I am also not convinced Cal, Stanford, Washington State, and Oregon State find landing places for most or all of their sports before the end of the year.

Christopher Paschal

  • UGA wins again, I slip slowly further into madness.
  • The Pac-12 does some incredible shenanigans as it’s swan song.
  • Caleb Williams wins the Heisman.

Jeff Cramer

  • Haynes King will remain the quarterback through the whole season and break 2,500 yards passing on the season.
  • Georgia Tech will finish the season the in top half of the conference.
  • Georgia Tech will win their first bowl game since beating Kentucky in 2016.
  • LSU will be the only SEC representative in the Playoffs but will win it all.
  • Caleb Williams will be the second player to win multiple Heisman trophies.
  • Ryan Day will be let go at Ohio State after losing his third straight to Michigan but Jim Harbaugh will also leave to try his hand in the NFL again.
  • Florida State isn’t as good as advertised and everyone generally ignores them about how great their brand is as they sink into the mediocrity zone of the ACC.

Logan Sandor

  • Based on the photo Benjamin shared I’m pretty sure we’re gonna find out that Saban is actually a serial killer this year... I don’t want to see a smiling Nick Saban coming at me down a dark alleyway at night. He has cold dead eyes... like a doll’s eyes.
  • Oregon State will play USC in the last PAC-12 title game.
  • Georgia Tech will play in a bowl game... probably one in Birmingham or El Paso, so I’ll be watching it on TV
  • It hurts me to say this, but I think Texas will make the playoffs this year. Forgive me BIG 12!
  • The other playoff members are USC, Michigan, and LSU.
  • Due to many injuries on the uga team, and a mysterious case of food poisoning, Georgia Tech beats uga at home... A man can dream.