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Georgia Tech Football: Season Predictions - 3 Standard Deviations Below the Mean

What could possibly go wrong?

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Ed. Note: Apparently I was typing too quickly and put Western Carolina instead of [checks notes] another directional Carolina school.

Benjamin Tankersley

I think the worst-case scenario is that we figure out that Brent Key’s interim tenure was all a bunch of hooplah and Tech hasn’t actually gotten better. I think that results in Tech going 3-9 with a chance at 2-10. I think wins over Western Carolina SC State and Bowling Green are a given, but beyond that, Tech would be hardpressed for another.

Jack Purdy

I could see another 3-9 season if injuries decimate us, as goes for basically every team out there.

Jake Grant

2-10, with the middle-tier ACC teams being better than expected, Tech lives up to the low end of most outsiders’ expectations.

Christopher Paschal

3-9. I think we’ve pretty much established that Geoff Collins is rock bottom so it shouldn’t be possible to do worse than him. We definitely should do better, but I think the absolute worst case is equaling his first-year mark.

Jeff Cramer

Didn’t we just live this the past few years? A nightmare season would be that everything we saw at the end of the year was a complete fluke and the bad losses to Virginia, Miami, and FSU were the reality. The new coaching staff doesn’t perform as expected and the departure of the LBs and Keion White are major blows Tech can’t replace. The QB position and offensive line become a revolving door due to injuries and GT ends up 2-10.

Logan Sandor

The worst case is somehow coach Key follows in CGCs footsteps and loses to SCST (still can’t believe we lost to Citadel), because at that point I would just give up on the season altogether. I would say anything 2 wins or below is the realistic worst possible scenario. The real answer is 0 wins is the worst scenario, but I expect us to win at least 1 upset (because ACC) and win one of the games against SCST or Bowling Green even if everything starts falling apart.