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Georgia Tech Football: Season Predictions - 3 Standard Deviations Above the Mean

What’s the best-case scenario for Georgia Tech this season?

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Benjamin Tankersley

I’ll go out on a limb and say that Tech’s absolute best-case scenario is 13-1. Now, put on your gold-shaded glasses and come with me for a moment. There are currently 3 games on the schedule that most folks think Tech doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning: UGA, Clemson, and Ole Miss. We catch Ole Miss early in the season, and they are replacing a lot this year, so Tech wins that game and gets an early confidence boost. And then, they keep winning. It’s week 10, and Georgia Tech sits at 9-0 walking into Death Valley. With the confidence of a thousand gods, Georgia Tech steamrolls Dabo Swinney and the Tigers. Week 12 rolls around, and Georgia and Georgia Tech meet in Bobby Dodd Stadium. Both teams are undefeated, and it’s the site of College Gameday. It’s a hard-fought game, but Georgia Tech just barely loses the game. After facing Clemson in a rematch in the ACC Championship, the Yellow Jackets find themselves on the cusp of the playoff. The more I write this, the more unlikely it sounds, so I’ll just leave it at this. The best possible outcome is for Georgia Tech to upset Ole Miss and Clemson (twice).

Jack Purdy

The schedule is not the death wish from last season. I don’t see why Tech can’t have a serious fighting chance in at least 9 of these games, maybe 10 if you think Ole Miss is partially fraudulent. So, if they win all of these games, there’s 9-3 right there and probably ranked somewhere in the 10-20 range. Let me be clear, that’s a looooong shot best case scenario, but I’m not ruling out of the realm of possibilities.

Jake Grant

10-2, with a surprising win over one of the three teams largely written off as being out of reach. I would not be so bold to assume that the team pulls that off while also not managing to drop one of the other games on the schedule.

Christopher Paschal

7-5. There are absolutely wins on the schedule and we absolutely have the talent needed to earn them; it’s really just a matter of whether we can play to our potential. If we can find our identity early, maximize opportunities, limit mistakes, and get some lucky breaks then a bowl game isn’t a crazy pie in the sky situation.

Logan Sandor

I mean 12-0 in the regular season would be the best case scenario. That is of course absolutely ridiculous, but let’s make an argument for it anyway. So we have 7 games on the schedule that are straight up winnable (SC State, Bowling Green, Wake Forest, Louisville, UVA, BC, and Syracuse), then we have at least 2 games where you could reasonably argue for an upset (UNC and Miami) then you have the less reasonable upsets in Clemson and Ole Miss, and then you have the “unwinnable” game against a school in athens. Plenty of people have commented on our chances against Ole Miss given when we play them and the talent they have lost. Clemson is getting a new OC with new weapons on offense so maybe they struggle to figure things out and we can take advantage. uga is the weird one, but I guess I would look at how we did early against the dwags on the road with a backup QB. We get the dwags at home with new players on both side of the ball and we have more talent on offense to push the ball.

Is it a long shot? Absolutely it is! That said, why not? We played uga as well as any team last year other than Ohio State (and whatever happened in Mizzou), so who says we can’t find a way to win... Oh, everyone in the country is saying we can’t find a way to win? Well who cares, we’ll find a way to win anyway! Best case scenario right here! Now where would this put us in the postseason? I can’t possibly speculate, I would be too busy having my mind blown that we won every game on the season.

Jeff Cramer

A realistic best-case would be a 9-4 record that includes a solid bowl win. If Georgia Tech takes a major step forward under Brent Key there are plenty of winnable games on this schedule. Haynes King could be the answer at QB and if a new coaching staff increases the performance of the offensive and defensive fronts then Georgia Tech could at least be in the running for the ACC Championship Game towards the end. Any Georgia Tech fan would say beating georgia would be a best-case but I would like to see what they look like this year before making that claim.