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Georgia Tech Football: Five Impact Players - DT D’Quan Douse

Let’s take a look at the man anchoring Tech’s defensive line.

Georgia Tech v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

This past season, Georgia Tech’s defensive line was probably the best the defensive line has been for the better part of a decade or more. This season, the Jackets lose a big piece in Keion White, but I believe Tech’s defensive line could see very little drop-off, largely thanks to DT D’Quan Douse.

I had a very tough time picking the subject for this article. Between Douse, Kyle Kennard, and Zeek Biggers, not to mention guys in the reserves like Kevin Harris and Sylvain Yondjoeun, Georgia Tech’s defensive line has the chance to be something special this season. Ultimately, though, I picked Douse.

Last season, Douse finished tied for second on the team in sacks with 3.5 and added another 5.5 TFL. Aside from that, Douse was consistently disruptive, leading the team in QB pressures (tied with Ace Eley) and forcing two fumbles (tied for second).

Douse’s breakout game this season was Tech’s 28-27 victory in the Techmo Bowl. He finished the game with 7 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 2.5 sacks, and a forced fumble. He was recognized by our own Robert Binion as the Team MVP of that game.

As we move into this season, though, Douse is in a firm position to step up into the leadership role of the defensive line.

What do you expect out of D’Quan Douse this season?