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Georgia Tech Football: Staff Predictions - Gasparilla Bowl

Here’s how the FTRS staff thinks Georgia Tech will fare in the Gasparilla Bowl!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 25 Georgia at Georgia Tech Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Benjamin Tankersley

Georgia Tech wins 38-35.

This will be a close and high-scoring affair. These two teams are very similar in that they both have very productive run-first offenses and struggle on defense. I think Haynes King and Jamal Haynes will be productive enough to just edge out the Knights, and Tech finishes with a winning record.

Jake Grant

Georgia Tech wins 34-28.

I worry that I am generic when I write these predictions, but I do generally think it boils down to a bit of turnover luck/getting stops early, and I do think Tech matches up well to do that. And if Tech can be opportunistic on defense from early in the game, the offense certainly profiles similarly enough to UCF in the advanced stats from the regular season to give them a ballgame.

Logan Sandor

Georgia Tech wins 42-34

The Over/Under on this game is currently at 66.5, which makes sense for Georgia Tech but isn’t fair to UCF in my opinion. UCF does have a better defense than people give them credit, its just not a consistent defense. Typically when UCF wins this season it is because they are containing the opposing offense and taking advantage of turnover opportunities, and they have looked great in games where this happens. That said, when the Knights don’t do well on defense, the opponents tend to run them over, which might be why they lost the majority of games in the BIG 12 which is an offensive focused conference. Consistency seems to be a problem for UCF, another similarity between our two programs. If you have watched Georgia Tech at all this year, you know we win on the back of our offense. I think this is a game that Georgia Tech should win if we can avoid turning over the ball and if our defense can contain the run (I’m not optimistic enough to say we stop the run). Those are both big IFs, Haynes King has some great stats but is prone to turning the ball over and everything on defense has been in question for The Jackets this year. That said, we want this game and I think we have a way to victory as long as the guys execute. Let’s get that win.