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Georgia Tech Football: 2022 Season Predictions

You’ve seen our record predictions, so now take some other predictions about the season!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 13 Boston College at Georgia Tech Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Benjamin Tankersley

  • No running back goes over 700 yards, but Dontae Smith and Dylan McDuffie both get pretty close.
  • EJ Jenkins leads the team in receiving.
  • Keion White breaks out (in a manner of speaking) and finishes with 7.5 sacks.
  • Gavin Stewart becomes the primary FG kicker and finishes up 75% on field goals under 45.
  • Georgia Tech wins 3 but is close to winning a couple more.
  • College Football Playoff features UGA and Bama again. The other two? Who cares at this point. Either UGA or Bama will win again.

Jake Patterson

  • I think this season will go exactly as expected and will end with Geoff Collins out of a job. It remains to be seen whether or not a solid hire will be made.

Andrew Rodrigues

  • I’ll stop caring after week 5 or so.

Robert Binion

  • Clemson: blowout loss
  • Western Carolina: blowout win
  • Ole Miss: modest loss
  • UCF: blowout loss
  • Pitt: blowout loss (Outcome is pretty much assured at this point)
  • Duke: close win
  • UVA: close win
  • FSU: blowout loss
  • VT: close loss
  • Miami: modest loss
  • UNC: blowout loss
  • UGA: whatever is worse than a blowout loss
  • CFP Semi-finals: Alabama over Utah, Ohio State over Georgia. Alabama over OSU in the National Championship.

Jack Purdy

  • As much as this has been a gloomy last few years, we have to bottom out somewhere. I certainly hope it was last year. Even if we win 3 games again this year, part of me thinks it’ll be a more hopeful 3 wins. We don’t have the ND/UGA gauntlet this year thank goodness.

Jeff Cramer

  • Georgia Tech will finish 5th in the Coastal ahead of UVA and Duke.
  • Expect someone in the secondary to stand out this year as well. There was a lot of talent in years past but no cohesion and that led to a wasted unit the last few years. Now there is youth but that might be what is needed with the new hires on the defensive staff.
  • I don’t see the run game falling off much either despite Gibbs now playing for the Crimson Tide. Gibbs made a lot of his own magic and will be a beast with Bama but Chip Long may utilize what he has better than the previous OC. Returning RB Dontae Smith has shown he has the speed and moves. Now he just needs to carry the bulk of it.

Chris Paschal

  • Wins over Western Carolina, Duke, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.
  • A final SP+ ranking in the 70s.
  • More than one starting QB.
  • A Playoff of Alabama, UGA, Ohio State, and Clemson.

Jake Grant

  • You, dear reader, will be an avid Georgia Tech volleyball fan by the end of the year
  • 3 Tech football wins
  • Heisman finalists: Gibbs will be in New York
  • CFP Picks: Ohio State, Alabama, Utah, NC State [haha, nope] Clemson

Carter Templeton

  • that WCU game coming five days after Merciless in MBS will be extremely uncomfortable
  • Geoff Collins stops updating ATL charts by week 6
  • Georgia Tech won’t give up 40+ points as many times as last year (but it happened five times last year, so)
  • seriously, if you’re expecting more than three wins, why?
  • the void feels nice and comforting, like a weighted blanket
  • Georgia Tech women’s sports. that’s it, that’s the tweet.