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Georgia Tech Season Predictions: The Mean

How will Tech do this season?

Georgia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Benjamin Tankersley

Record: 3-9

I hate to see it, but I have not seen anything to make me believe that the Yellow Jackets have somehow been able to put everything together this season. I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong. This team has issues in all phases of the game, and until I am proven otherwise, I’m going to expect more of the same.

Jake Patterson

Record: 3-9

It seems to be the pattern around here.

Andrew Rodrigues

Record: 4-8

Robert Binion

Record: 3-9

3 wins: Western Carolina, Duke, Virginia. 9 losses. In this case, you might see the change happen after the Pitt game, but if it doesn’t happen that week, I don’t think you see an in-season firing because the team would theoretically be 3-4 a few weeks later. A season-ending 5 game losing streak would then lead to Stansbury resigning the week before the UGA game and Collins fired immediately after.

Jack Purdy

Record: 3-9

Every way I’ve looked at this, I can’t find 4 wins. Consistency!

Jeff Cramer

Record: 4-8

A new staff on offense may give it what it needs to snag a few more wins and help the defense out. It won’t be great and may not save Geoff Collins at year’s end but wins over WCU, Duke, Virginia, and UNC keep it from being completely awful.

Carter Templeton

Record: 3-9

Last year was Geoff Collins’ “put up or shut up” year, and, well, he’s shut up, at least on Twitter. That’s made this year is a “you better win or else” year, against a schedule that’s just as tough or tougher. Collins should go ahead and get started on updating his resume.

Chris Paschal

Record: 4-8

I think we get four wins - Western Carolina, Duke, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. I’d believe UNC as well.

Jake Grant

Record: 3-9

I mean, it would continue the theme, wouldn’t it? Western Carolina, Duke, and one of North Carolina/Florida State/VPISU/Virginia seems pretty much in reach.