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Georgia Tech Football: Position Previews - Offensive Tackles

Less known players making a big impact

Orange Bowl - Iowa v Georgia Tech Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

I’ve said it before, Offensive Tackles are one of the most important positions to play in a football game. That said I’m guessing the majority of fans can’t even name 1 offensive tackle on the roster. Hopefully this article will change that, because this year we have plenty of transfers and new talent at the offensive tackle position looking to make a big impact. We’ve been waiting for an impressive offensive line since Geoff Collins first took the helm of the program, and now we may finally have one so let me tell you who to keep an eye out for on the blocking front.

So... Quick Disclaimer. Above the line makes this complicated because Geoff doesn’t technically list the position of IOL as separate from OT (exterior O line). With that said I don’t have great Idea of who exactly is filling what position. So if I miss someone or mark someone who is technically not an OT I apologize in advance... Hope we’re still cool twitter. anyway, on with the article.


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 20 Georgia Tech at Notre Dame Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Jordan Williams

Jordan was a freshman starter last year and played in 10 games. Jordan (at the time of writing this) is by far the biggest Offensive Tackle on the team. He did a great job protecting the QB on the backside last year and will be expected to continue being a strong blocker going forward into the new offensive scheme.

Jakiah Leftwich

Jakiah is a redshirt freshman who will be used as a reserve player this year. he was a 3-star recruit coming out of Westlake high school. In his high school Jakiah was an indominable pass blocker and a driving run blocker. My favorite thing about Jakiah though, if you watch his game tape you can tell that he really likes hitting people. As a fan I want to see a player be excited to be out on the field, and Jakiah is clearly excited to be on the field and block while his team is scoring. Jakiah has size, strength, and enthusiasm which is what I like to see.

Wing Green

Another redshirt freshman, Wing doesn’t have the same size as Jakiah but his highlights show that Wing has a driving block that makes him great at run blocking to the edge. Wing hasn’t seen the field much to this point but he is another talent worth watching with a new Offense coordinator who can make use of Wing’s skills.

Incoming Transfers

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: OCT 26 Hewitt-Trussville at Thompson Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Pierce Quick

Here’s where most of the talent comes into play. Quick is one of many talented transfers. He came in as a 5 star recruit out of highschool, he committed to Alabama and played 8 games last season. Quick matches his name, he has speed and can shift his feet quickly to fill gaps while pass blocking. He is no slouch on the run blocking either and Quick will likely be a focus to lead the offense forward.

Corey Robinson II

The other transfer at tackle comes in the form of Corey Robinson II from Kansas. Though he didn’t play in his lone season there, he was a local three-star guy who should provide some solid depth.

Incoming Recruits

Tyler Gibson

The brother of new quarterback Zach Gibson, Tyler is probably Tech’s most highly regarded offensive tackle commit. Rivals has him as a four-star, and 247 has him as a three-star on their composite ranking, while also having some pretty impressive offers like Florida State, LSU, and several other P5 schools. Coming out of high school, Gibson is a stronger run blocker, but he should be a solid addition once he has some time in the system.

Bobby Mooney

The son of former Georgia Tech OL Michael Paul Mooney, Bobby was the last official member of Georgia Tech’s signing class. Though he isn’t highly rated, he certainly looks the part at 6-7, 330 pounds.

Who’s Above the Line?

The current projection for starters at the tackle position shows Jordan Williams retaining his spot at RT and Quick stepping in at LT. Those two will be the likely starters with Jakiah and Wing playing a supporting role to step in when needed. Overall the tackle position looks to provide much more talent this year, the QB and RB should be happy to have these big boys up front blocking for them.

Who has the biggest block this season?