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Georgia Tech Football: Meeting the New Coaches - AHC/Defensive Run Game Coordinator David Turner and LB Coach Jason Semore

Let’s round out the defensive coaches!

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Today will be the second of two days where we cover two of Tech’s new coaches. To round of the new defensive coaches, we will be taking a look at Assistant Head Coach (defense)/Defensive Run Game Coordinator David Turner and Linebackers Coach Jason Semore.

AHC (Defense)/Defensive Run Game Coordinator David Turner

Though his title is surely a mouthful, I think Turner is arguably the best hire Tech has made in the cycle. He joins Brent Key in having the title of Assistant Head Coach and will work opposite DB Coach Travares Tillman, who serves as the team’s Defensive Pass Game Coordinator.

Coaching History

1986 | Davidson (Running Backs/Tight Ends Coach)

1987 | Davidson (Linebackers Coach)

1988 - 1989 | NC State (Graduate Assistant)

1990 | Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Defensive Line Coach)

1991 - 1992 | James Madison (Assistant Coach)

1993 - 1994 | Kentucky (Defensive Ends Coach)

1995 - 1996 | NC State (Defensive Tackles/Linebackers Coach)

1997 - 2000 | Virginia (Defensive Tackles/Linebackers Coach)

2001 | Minnesota (Defensive Ends Coach)

2002 - 2005 | Vanderbilt (Defensive Line Coach/Recruiting Coordinator)

2006 | Alabama (Defensive Ends Coach)

2007 - 2009 | Mississippi State (Defensive Line Coach)

2010 - 2012 | Kentucky (Defensive Line Coach)

2013 - 2015 | Mississippi State (Defensive Line Coach)

2016 - 2017 | Texas A&M (Run Defense Coordinator/Defensive Tackles Coach)

2018 | Texas-San Antonio (Defensive Line Coach)

2019 - 2021 | Florida (Defensive Line Coach)

Turner comes in and immediately becomes one of the most experienced coaches on the entire staff. He has coached at several schools throughout the southeast and is sure to have made plenty of recruiting connections.

He also previously worked with Geoff Collins during his second stint at Mississippi State. While together in Starkvegas, the two produced a defensive front that ranked No. 2 in the SEC in sacks in 2014 (37) and No. 4 in the SEC in rushing defense in 2013 (144.2 ypg). At Florida, the numbers get even better. His defensive front ranked in the top two in the SEC and top 25 nationally in sacks in both 2019 and 2020.

In addition to some pretty good numbers, he has also coached some pretty impressive players that ended up in the NFL (Fletcher Cox, Patricker Kerney, and Myles Garrett, to name a few).

LB Coach Jason Semore

Semore joins Georgia Tech for the second time in his career, after spending a year away at Valdosta State. He takes over the linebackers from Defensive Coordinator Andrew Thacker.

Coaching History

2006 | Round Valley (AZ) High School (Defensive Coordinator)

2007 | Colorado School of Mines (Secondary Coach)

2008 - 2009 | Adams State (Co-Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Coach/Special Teams Coordinator)

2010 - 2011 | Tulsa (Outside Linebackers Coach)

2012 - 2013 | Oklahoma State (Defensive Assistant)

2014 | Colorado School of Mines (Defensive Coordinator)

2015 | Montana (Secondary Coach/Special Teams Coordinator)

2016 - 2017 | Montana (Defensive Coordinator)

2018 | Temple (Senior Defensive Advisor)

2019 - 2020 | Georgia Tech (Defensive Analyst)

2021 | Valdosta State (Defensive Coordinator)

Semore actually has more experience than I remember seeing, but this is still the highest level position he has held and is sure to bring plenty of challenge.

At Valdosta State, Semores defense ranked top 20 nationally in defensive touchdowns, pass defense, redzone defense, and fumble recoveries. The Blazers also made an appearance in the national championship game, but failed to bring home the trophy.

The Bottom Line

These are two very different coaches (in terms of experience), but I believe collectively, they are replacing one coach in all but name: Andrew Thacker. Though he remains defensive coordinator in name, he is no longer the linebackers coach. And in bringing in a guy like Turner, you now have a de facto defensive coordinator who brings in a ton of experience and success. I don’t know much about how Semore will perform as a coach, but I expect Turner to be a vital addition to the coaching staff this year.