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GAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Miami Hurricanes

Let’s do this!

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Come join us as we talk through today’s game! As always, play nice in the comments, and GO JACKETS!!

Game Predictions

Benjamin Tankersley

Georgia Tech wins 21-20.

This game is going to be messy, and I am not sure either team will look good. But I think Tech is slightly more put together and can get the win here.

Jake Grant

Georgia Tech wins 34-17.

I am pretty (irrationally?) confident in Georgia Tech this week. I like what I saw from Zach Pyron over the last two days, and I’m still coasting off of the feeling of seeing a win in person. Miami has been wholly unconvincing this year, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see really any of the possible outcomes given the inconsistency and flashes of solid play both teams have shown. Thus, I turned to the transitive property to find my margin: FSU beat us by 25 and Miami by 42. This isn’t how football really works, but let’s go with 17 points in favor of the Jackets.

Robert Binion

Georgia Tech wins 20-17.

Carter Templeton

Georgia Tech wins 21-17.

Whatever happens, it won’t be pretty.