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GAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Duke Blue Devils

Let’s do this!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Central Florida Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

Come join us as we talk through today’s game! As always, play nice in the comments, and GO JACKETS!!

Game Predictions

Benjamin Tankersley

Georgia Tech wins 24-21.

I think Brent Key has done enough to inspire confidence in the team. This won’t be an easy victory by any stretch, but I think the stars are aligning for this one. Brent Key has clearly done work to focus this team, and with it being Homecoming weekend, I believe Tech can eke out a close win.

Robert Binion

Georgia Tech wins 24-23.

Jake Grant

Georgia Tech wins 34-21.

It is homecoming, and I think Tech keeps things rolling. They have another week to work on the details.

Jack Purdy

Duke wins 24-20.

In the final year of the divisions, the ACC Coastal Title Game might be Duke vs. Wake Forest in the final week of the regular season. I don’t think we’re stopping that reality this week despite all the progress we might be making.

Jeff Cramer

Georgia Tech wins 24-17.

After traveling to Pitt and scoring a road win last week Georgia Tech will get Duke for homecoming. Duke has a nice 4-1 record but they’ve played an easy schedule and Kansas was able to move the ball on them. Duke has had trouble on offense despite winning four games and Tech’s defense looked a lot better with producing pass rush last week. I think we see more improvement on offense this week and Duke’s defensive front isn’t near as troublesome as Pitt’s. Georgia Tech is going to have a winning record in conference play after this week.

Carter Templeton

Georgia Tech wins 24-21.

This game feels like throwing darts, because we really don’t know how good Duke is with the schedule they’ve played, and we really don’t know if Georgia Tech is actually any good now that that Geoff Collins stank has started to wash off. Could I see the Jackets losing this one? Sure. I can just as easily see them winning. I had to pick someone, okay?