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GAMETHREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Clemson Tigers

Let’s do this!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

This may turn into a bit of a rough afternoon, as Georgia Tech faces Clemson in Death Valley, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun talking about the game! Be sure to join us below! Let’s check those score predictions.

Ben: Clemson wins 42-20. I think this game will be closer than it was last year, especially in the first half. I could see this being a dogfight in the first half. Maybe like 17-10 or something. I don’t think this Clemson team is as good as they have been in years past, but they have more than enough depth to outlast Tech, and I think they pull away pretty easily in the second half.

Carter: Clemson wins 49-14. If Geoff Collins really wants to show he’s making progress at Georgia Tech, he would do well to not repeat last year’s..... “effort” is too generous, but we’ll go with that, against Clemson. The local Waffle House refuses to serve him postgame.

Austin: Clemson wins 38-23. We keep it close in the first half thanks to the outside zone and the receivers stepping up and making plays on third downs. Malachi Carter has a strong game overall, both catching the ball and blocking for the backs on the outside. Kicking game stays gets on track, particularly Shanahan. Clemson’s second half adjustments ultimately help them to pull away, but the defense puts in a shift and a half and pushes Clemson into deep water with timely turnovers and minimizing penalties. It’s a loss, but it’s a loss to build on. Tech shows it has truly put week 1 behind them and that we are on our way up.

Sammy: Clemson wins 42-24. Tech defense will look better this year. If Sims plays, he’ll need to have a near perfect game to keep this thing competitive. I’m setting the over/under on Clemson sacks at 7.5 — I think I’m taking the over but I hope I’m wrong.

Robert: Clemson wins 35-14.

Andrew: Clemson wins 45-6. No one wins. We get boat raced, and Clemson proves nothing.

Jeff: Clemson wins 56-17.

Jake P.: Clemson wins 42-14. I mean, come on, you really thought the prediction would be different?

Jake G.: Clemson wins 42-24. This is dangerously close for me, but I think our defense vs. their offense is as good of a matchup as we’ve had since 2017.